12 Tips to Tame Your Tool and Garden Shed

As seasons change, different gardening and tool equipment is needed. An organized tool and garden shed will help you find the right tool for the right season quickly. Here are 12 quick tips to help you get what you want, exactly when you need it!

Schedule at least a day to tackle your shed.

Make sure you check the weather beforehand since it is likely that you will sort things outside.

Get family members involved.

By having them help clean and sort the items, they’ll be more inclined to put things back where they belong.

Take everything out and sort through items one thing at a time.

Sort each item in four general piles: belongs, doesn’t belong (goes back in the house), donate and throw out.

Measure the space around the shed.

After measuring your space, plan it out. Keep items for similar activities together so they’re easier to find when you need them.

freedomRail Garage

Think vertically.

Free up floor space by using freedomRail Activity Organizers. Installation is easy and the components hook on easily and can be adjusted at any time, without tools.

Put tools frequently used at eye level.

Keep them towards the entrance of the shed and at eye level. Keep less used items, like snowblowers, towards the back.

Store heavy items low and lighter items up high.

This will help prevent injury when retrieving and putting the item back.

Add adjustable storage, like freedomRail Garage.

freedomRail Garage can be moved or added to at any time to fit your changing storage needs. And with a virtually indestructible epoxy coating, there is no maintenance involved.

Use a recipe box to file seed packs.

This will help keep everything organized and you will know exactly where they are when it comes time to plant them.

Less is more when it comes to tools and equipment.

Only the essentials are needed to keep your garden and yard in tip-top shape. Plus it will keep the clutter at bay.

Hang items when you can.

It will make for a simpler clean-up and it’s a great way to free up some valuable floor space!

Lighting is everything.

If your tool shed doesn’t have windows, invest in battery-charged lighting or installing some lights around the shed if you have electricity. This will make it easier to find what you’re looking for and when it comes time to put it away.

Whether you’re planting rows of sunflowers or perfecting your landscaping, freedomRail Garage and Activity Organizers will help you stay organized so you can get to doing what you love most.

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Source: Organized Living