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Classica Solutions – Function, Meet Beauty

Classica is an all-wood furniture system that is custom fit to your closet. The strongest wood system on the market, it’s the perfect choice for those who want the look and feel of true furniture. Choose from either traditional or decorative fronts, and from various colors to customize your Classica system and match it to your personal tastes and interior decor. Modern Cherry, Driftwood Live, and Maple add a natural feel to your space; Chocolate Pear and Midnight Live give it contemporary flair; White, Bisque, and Gray are elegant, versatile, and will complement every area in your home. Next stop: The intersection of beauty and function.

Classica Features

Designed with Beauty and Strength

Organized Living Classica brings beauty and strength together to create a storage solution that works for you for a lifetime. Classica is engineered with the strongest cleats and cams in the industry. Constructed from durable 3/4″ melamine, Classica components are available in 14″, 19″ and even 24″ depths to provide design flexibility.

Traditional Style Meets Modern

Decorative fronts combine with Nickel door pulls to provide a finishing touch to any Classica closet. Traditional plain door fronts are available also. Classica is offered in many colors; Cypress Live, Modern Cherry, Chocolate Pear, Driftwood Live, Midnight Live, Gray, White and Bisque to compliment furniture throughout your home.

Mounting Options

Classica can be floor mounted to maximize use of all available space, wall mounted to get everything off the floor, or a combination of these for a customized closet to fit your storage needs. The superior strength of Classica cleats allows your cabinets to go as high as you want in homes with 9’ or 10’ ceilings.

Features and Benefits

  • Organized Living Classica is furniture. Classica can replace furniture to optimize your room space.
  • It’s beautifully crafted. Organized Living Classica has the look and feel of fine furniture.
  • It’s durable. The finish is scratch and stain resistant and is chemically bonded to the wood so that it is impossible to separate them. And it’s engineered with the strongest cleats and cams in the industry.
  • It’s functional. Decorative doors and pulls, and corner shelves allow you to truly customize your storage solutions to your lifestyle.
  • Accessory options include drawers, hampers, tie and belt racks, jewelry inserts, next day rods, drawer dividers, shoe shelves, pull-downs and more.
  • Organized Living Classica is ideal for any room in the home- it even looks great in the garage.
  • It’s great for the environment – it’s a LEED Green product and made in the USA.
  • It can add value to your home. Our Melamine system is a significant upgrade from other home organization systems.

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