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WHY WE’RE HERE (Hint: It’s for YOU!)

At Closets Las Vegas, our goal is to help our customers find the best solution for their closet organization needs. Period. While we offer the widest range of closet services available – from our strong, cost-effective Lifetime Ventilated Wire product line, to the versatile and adjustable freedomRail, or to our furniture-grade built-in Classica – we know that no closet works if it doesn’t fit your needs AND your budget.

Ever had your closet pole or shelf fall off the wall? That won’t happen here!


That’s why we also offer our products to Do-It-Yourselfers. Not only can you buy closet components for all 3 product lines directly from Closets Las Vegas – we’ll sell you only the quantities you need (why buy a ‘package of 12’ when you only need two?). Plus, we’ll cut it, deliver it, and even show you how to install it on your own. (We even have training videos for our product installation.)

Our Products

Three outstanding product lines – offering between 30%-50% more steel, supporting up to 150-lb per foot – are designed to virtually eliminate failures. (Ever had your closet pole or shelf fall off the wall? That won’t happen here!). Lifetime Ventilated ShelvingfreedomRailClassica. Wherever you have a space that needs organizing, our experts are available to help you solve the problem with the right products and design – beautifully, functionally, and cost-effectively.

We also know it’s only natural to want to compare when you shop – both the quality and the price. At Closets Las Vegas, we encourage it! There’s a reason we chose to be an Organized Living dealer. If you’d like more information about how our products compare to the “Big Box” stores – just give us a call. We think you’ll be impressed.

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Extreme Customer Service

Over 35,000 closets installed to date . . . with 2 – count-’em-2 – customer service calls. We’ve mentioned that elsewhere on our website because that’s a record we’re proud of – and we think it represents our exceptional commitment to quality products, installation, and customer satisfaction. Give us a call – strangely enough, our customer service lines are always open.

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