New Home Buyer Process

Congrats – you just bought a new home!

Now you have 2 options for selecting your closet upgrades:

  • Most builders have our closet designs on display in select model homes or in their design center.
  • Pre-designed upgrade packages are available which you can select right from their office.
  • Presto – you’re done!
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New Home Buyer FAQ

What to do before your showroom appointment? (Click / Tap Here)

Explore the images and information on our website – either by room or by product. You’ll get great ideas about where to begin for all areas of your home.

What happens at your showroom appointment? (Click / Tap Here)
  • When you arrive, we’ll be ready for you. The plan you purchased from your builder will be on-screen in our 3D software program, all set to help you design the perfect closet to fit your needs – and your budget.
  • We know closets – and we know how to make them efficient. Sometimes, our questions will bring up things you may not have thought of before – and then we’ll help you find the best solution. Here, you’re our partner in design – we’ll take your ideas (or even your cocktail napkin drawings), put them on-screen, and then re-design and move things around until it’s just right.
  • When we’re done, you’ll get to see your closet from every angle, in color on our proprietary 3D software program.
  • We’ll finalize your design for your approval, arrange payment – and your custom closet will be installed in your new home on-time, perfectly, and ready for you to use.
“What if I don’t WANT to see someone else? I already picked cabinets and colors, my flooring and my smart home wiring. I don’t want to spend any more money!” (Click / Tap Here)

We hear ya. Just a couple of things we’d like to add…

  • We offer our builder customers the ability to adjust the height of their closets or change their pantries (where applicable) to meet their personal needs. So if you want to lower a shelf for a child’s room, or raise it in your master closets, we’re happy to do that for a small fee – because our goal is for you to be thrilled with your closets.
  • Many people aren’t aware – but often, you’re able to double the amount of storage space in your closet for less than $100 simply by installing double-hang rods and shelf.
  • When it comes to getting organized, that’s money well-spent up-front – because doing it after you move is inconvenient at best – messy and more expensive at worst. Removing your clothes then tearing out your existing closet is a hassle – requiring drywall repair, re-texturing, re-painting, then installation of your new product. You’ll save money, mess and frustration by choosing your closets with your builder before construction.
“What if I want to upgrade my closets, but I don’t have the money right now?” (Click / Tap Here)

Yep. We’ve heard that before! And you know what? That’s okay, too!”

Because Closets Las Vegas offers you options.

DID YOU KNOW ? Some builders allow buyers to select upgrades and roll the cost into your mortgage loan. It often costs less than a cup of coffee a day! Ask your builder if this option is available to you.

  1. In many cases, we can accept a minimum deposit, and arrange for the balance to be paid through your escrow closing.
  2. We also offer our special No-Cash-Out-Of-Pocket program, where your mortgage lender can include the price of your closet upgrades in your home loan.
  3. We can help you create a “starter closet” design that you can easily add features and components to – over time and as your budget allows. Planning ahead this way saves you money – not to mention the massive inconvenience of tearing out your old closet system to create the one you wanted to begin with.
  4. And keep in mind, if your budget is a consideration when buying your home, we can always work with you to install your new closets after you close escrow.

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