Tips For Getting Your Kitchen Pantry Organized

Kitchen Storage Design Tips

Pantry shelving is known to go from organized to chaos in the blink of an eye. As one of the most frequently visited places in the home, its no wonder things get out of hand so quickly! We’re here to help you create an efficient and organized pantry shelving system so you can find exactly what you need. Check out these design and organizing tips to perfect your pantry.

Design for optimal food storage.

To prevent losing items due to clutter, design with 12″ or 14″ deep shelves for food storage. If you are storing bulk items like paper towels, use 16″ deep shelves.


PRO TIP! Use a freedomRail 16″ Wire Shelves as the top shelf in your pantry design for bulk storage. You’ll be able to look through the ventilated wire to see what you have.

Group like items together.

To avoid fishing for small products like mix packets, organize them into a container or bin and place them at a user-appropriate height.

PRO TIP! Use Organized Living Kitchen Organizers for convenient storage.


Design with adjustable shelving.

Organized Living freedomRail is the only truly adjustable system. Move shelving and components to maximize space in your pantry and to accommodate changing storage needs.

Shown above – freedomRail in Chocolate Pear  

PRO TIP! You can design your perfect freedomRail pantry with our Online Design Tool.


Keep things accessible.

Store foods and items that are used frequently at eye level so they can be spotted quickly and grabbed easily. Foods like children’s snacks should be kept at their level for access.

PRO TIP! Keep wines and spirits out of reach of children and in a freedomRail OBox Cubby for convenient storage.


Don’t forget about the door.

Utilize prime real estate with the Organized Living Over the Door system. Use your pantry door storage for canned goods, snacks and paper towels with this versatile Over the Door system.

PRO TIP! Use hooks on your Over the Door system to hang aprons in your pantry.


Pantries come in all shapes and sizes so its important to create a custom storage solution that works best for the available space. Design your adjustable freedomRail closet with the Online Design Tool or visit your local dealer today to get started.

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