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Lifetime Ventilated: The Durable and Economical Shelving Solution

Let’s face it: When it comes to selecting a ventilated wire shelving product, you want one that’s strong, durable – and most importantly, will stay on your wall. (Raise your hand if you’ve ever had a closet rod or shelf fall down. Sucks, huh?) There’s a reason Closets Las Vegas chose to offer Organized Living’s Lifetime Ventilated product. Wire shelving by Lifetime Ventilated is the strongest wire shelving in the industry. No kidding.

Utilizing a patented hardware system that is engineered for superior installation, it requires no additional blocking to install. Even better, it’s designed to make using your closet easy (no more closet supports that stop the slide of your hangers every few inches). It’s easier to install, operates more efficiently, and you’ll enjoy a long-lasting maintenance-free system because the shelves do not sag or loosen, and the finish doesn’t chip or fade. Unmatched in strength, it’s the most practical and dependable solution for areas of your home that play an important role in your everyday life. And because it’s made with 30% more steel than other shelving systems, it’s guaranteed to last. In fact, Closets Las Vegas will warranty your Lifetime system for as long as you own your home.

Lifetime Ventilated Features

6 Things Closets Las Vegas Does Better Than Any Other Wire Closet Company

  1. Lifetime Ventilated has up to 50% more steel than our competitor’s products.
  2. Our wire is epoxy-coated, LEED energy-rated, and contain no VOCs.
  3. Our patented anchor system ensures no installation failures.
  4. We use laser levels to ensure a perfect installation.
  5. We glue on every end cap – so your clothes will never snag.
  6. We walk and mark every job in the pre-drywall stage to ensure our installers don’t damage inside-the-wall components (electrical, plumbing, etc.)

Features and Benefits

  • It’s strong. Organized Living Lifetime Ventilated is made from 30% more steel than other systems.

  • Holds up to 50% more weight than other storage solutions – 75 pounds per linear foot.

  • Installed with the world’s strongest patented hardware system.

  • Made with superior hardware. Only Organized Living’s patented Versa Clip tightens into a ball behind the drywall, offering 360 degrees of contact to ensure shelves stay securely attached to the wall.

  • Manufactured with virtually indestructible epoxy coating to resist cracking, chipping, peeling, and discoloration for a lifetime of use.

  • It’s attractive. Organized Living Lifetime Ventilated features white and nickel finishes so it looks great in any room in your home.

  • It’s great for the environment. Green features contribute to more LEED points than any other shelving system.

  • It’s versatile. Organized Living Lifetime Ventilated offers a complete shelving solution and works with all shelving types.

  • Lasting. Lifetime Warranty.

  • Made in the USA.

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