Home Storage Organization – The Forgotten New Home Upgrade

by: | March 16, 2016 | New Homes

  CLOSETS – AN INCONVENIENT AND FORGOTTEN NEW HOME UPGRADE   Recently, our fearless leader – Joe Ferraro – was interviewed by for an article about new home storage organization that was just published in Woodworking Network Magazine (March 2016 issue). We’d just like to re-publish the article here for our readers. So here ya […]

Closet Options for an Organized Home

by: | March 4, 2016 | Compare Our Products

Not All Storage Organization Is As Costly (or Difficult) As You Think. It wasn’t all that long ago that when it came to new homes, there were zero closet options. They were were built with a wooden shelf and a pole for your clothes, and that was all she wrote. But as you know that’s […]