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The Making of a Top Closet Builder in Las Vegas: Our Small Beginnings

Reliable products. Superior processes. Exceptional service.

“Why are you missing the big part of the business?!” Joe Ferraro’s friend, who was familiar with the Las Vegas market, asked one day in 2002. Joe was working primarily on garages: creating storage spaces, installing garage tiles, and making upgrades. “What do you mean?”, Joe asked, and the answer forever changed his life and the closet industry in Las Vegas.  

It was not mere curiosity that drove Joe to educate himself and learn the business. His passion and vision put Closets Las Vegas on the map.   

The closet market already existed in Las Vegas, but Joe was first to discover its weaknesses and made these among the company’s strengths. For one thing, most closet builders in Las Vegas could not create and/or upgrade standard wire shelving. They lacked skills and knowledge, they did not have processes, and were short on quality people to build worthy custom closets in Las Vegas. Basically, an average closet builder in Las Vegas could not go from top to bottom (vice versa) in price and quality. And so, high-end closet builders ignored low-end and standard projects, so the customers had fewer options.  

In early 2000s, Joe had his official start as a closet builder in Las Vegas. From that first project, the client’s were thrilled and that continued success landed him project after project. His efforts paid off as this demonstrated his passion and vision, which led to him continually improving and changing the closet industry in Las Vegas. 

That passion transformed into a company-wide mantra that getting your closets and home organized should be fun and affordable. And since you become a part of our family from the moment you start to think about your closets, we want to make sure you never need to worry about your closet product’s quality.  

We Do What We are Best At!

Closets Las Vegas has been around for decades, but it was in 2003 when our business skyrocketed. As a leading closet builder in Las Vegas, our company builds custom closets, storage systems, and workstations, among others for residential and commercial clients all over the state.  

Over 7,500 homeowners in Southern Nevada already relish their custom closets as a result of the company’s thorough handiwork. In every project, Joe’s guiding principles have always been to bring people reliable products, accomplish tasks through superior processes, and execute with exceptional service. 

Using our four product lines – Classica, freedomRail, Simple Shelf and Rod, Wire – our team of closet experts creates and installs the materials according to your design.  

Our work is precise and fast. For each project, we follow a system of processes and a timeline. We do this because we value your money, your time, and the trust that you placed in our company.

Our Philosophy: Family First!

Creating Custom Closets in Las Vegas: Treating Clients and Employees Like Family

Fine entrepreneurs would often credit their success to dedication or knowledge or perseverance. But at Closets Las Vegas, we know that the credit mainly lies with our family–which is you! Taking care of people and treating them like family is one of the key philosophies of Closets Las Vegas. 

We take care of our employees

Joe is not a fan of sub-contracting. Closets Las Vegas does not sub-contract work out, meaning you get their highly trained, in house team. This allows his employees to grow and master their crafts. Self-improvement is one aspect of being a Closets Las Vegas staff member; the other is considerate compensation. All employees get to enjoy above-market salary, time offs, and benefits.  

Treat the employees as family, take good care of them, and they will do the same with their clients. Sharing the same passion and love for the business is one of the things that distinguishes Closets Las Vegas from the rest. All members of the team – from the pioneers to the newbies – are one in achieving their goal, and that is to offer and create top-tier custom closets in Las Vegas for the clients.

 We value our clients like we value family

Clients matter as much as employees. The company owes a huge part of its success to clients, who are highly valued no matter where you come from or who you areThe staff always makes you feel like family from the moment you make contact.   

It is paramount that your needs are taken care of when it comes to closets. The size of the project is irrelevant. Closets Las Vegas aims to provide you efficient assistance from start to finish. The entire team is hands-on for you throughout the entire process. They will walk you through the entire process, from touring you around the showroom to after installation care within your closet. Every step we want you to feel relaxed and make choices and decisions that best fit your budget. Joe and the rest of the team will have your best interest at heart because that’s what families do.


What Makes Us Different?

Each company has its limitations, most of which prove to be inconvenient for the clients. One may offer something that the other does not, and you end up moving on to another hoping you could have the whole package.

Closets Las Vegas is keen on ending your shop-hopping and satisfying your need for high-quality closets and the best after-sales service. No other closet builder in Las Vegas provides:

  • Exclusive access to our showroom where you can see for yourself a variety of designs featuring our four product lines. In our showroom, you can find everything you need for your closets including custom window shutters and blinds. We understand how difficult it is to imagine the result so we made a space where you can envision your closet once the construction is complete.
  • Client-control budget because (1) we do not overcharge and (2) you have different options to work within your finances. Like mentioned, Closets Las Vegas has your best interest at heart. You do not have to give up your dream closet just because you lack funds. We will give you a high-end product without overspending.
  • Exclusivity of your closet’s design. We do not build closets based on a template that you must stick to or cannot change. We will dedicate our time with you creating a blueprint that has everything you want and need. Trust that we will give you insights and advice on what is best especially if you work with a budget but without sacrificing your vision.
  • Lifetime warranty on parts and services, which no other company will freely give. We stand by our products that they are of high quality, but in case a problem occurs, our team will fix it free of charge…for life!

Closets Las Vegas is a simple and straightforward company name with big vision and a huge heart for the people that work with us and those that we work for. We always strive to live up to be the number one closet builder in Las Vegas and we still have a long way to go.

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