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WIne CLoset Design Las Vegas

You look at a wide variety of wine cellar closet designs and imagine them in your Las Vegas home. They look elegant but pricey, so you dismiss the idea of having one made. Some people attempt to build their own, which often proves disastrous and more costly. Even a handyman cannot guarantee a perfect result. The same thing can happen if you hire a general contractor to do the job.

These decisions may seem practical, but they can cost you more money because of remediation work or major overhaul. There is also a possibility that the poor handiwork would ruin your precious wine collection.

The safest course of action to avoid a terrible outcome is to hire a professional wine closet builder, who will handle all the details with extreme care. Closets Las Vegas is an expert in this area. It may come across as an uneconomical option initially, but you will realize later that it actually saves you more.

Should you give up the idea of having a wine cellar just because the expense scares you? Would you take the risk of setting up your own and possibly losing more money in the process? Don’t let the price discourage you. Money spent on a product that would last and give you joy is money well-spent.

Can You DIY a Wine Cellar?

Building a wine cellar is painstaking work! A lot of preparation is required from planning to buying the right materials to setting up things properly. It could take you weeks or months if this is something you have not yet done before.

To give you an idea, the project normally has three phases: coming up with wine cellar custom designs, building the cellar, and adding the components.

Creating wine cellar closet designs that match your Las Vegas residence

Civil engineers make a blueprint that specifies the floor plan, measurements, components, etc. Professional wine cellar builders do the same. They carefully plan the wine room’s structure including the materials, style, doors, windows, lighting system, and cooling system, among many other things.

You cannot just throw in any material that you would like without checking if they would fit in a climate-controlled environment.

Building the wine cellar

So, your design is ready, and you move to the second phase, which is building the wine room. Preparing the area is the first step. You need to make sure that the following are set correctly before assembling the wine racks:

wine cellar


Concrete floors have a vapor barrier before finishing up the flooring. Most professionals use the Bostick’s MVP4, which is applied to the concrete with a trowel. You can find it in a local hardware store.

If the floor is above ground, you need to add wood studs, as well as the vapor barrier and at least ½ plywood base before setting up the flooring. If done improperly, it will affect the room temperature and cause wastage on electricity.


Insulation is an important component of a wine cellar. A 2 x 4 wall usually requires an R-13 or R-15 insulation. A 2 x 6 wall requires an R-19. The specifications must be precise because going beyond the requirements will affect the cellar’s temperature. Just make sure to apply an expanding foam on cracks.

Applying high-density closed-cell spray foam insulation is the modern method used to effectively cool the wine cellar. However, you can also go with the old method, in which rigid foam insulation or standard fiberglass is used. When it comes to insulation the wine room, it is paramount that you cover the entire walls and ceilings to protect your wine collection even during winter or summer.


Wine cellar doors are different from ordinary doors. It should be insulated or at least made of at least 1 ¾” thick solid wood. For this purpose, the LVL doors are highly recommended as they can withstand extreme levels of humidity.

Wine racks

California Suspended-Wire-Wine-Displays-Ultra-Modern Las VegasThere are many wine cellar closet design options for your Las Vegas homes, and it can be stressful to settle for one. Wine racking system has several types namely: wood, metal, modular, floor-to-ceiling mounted, tubular, and free-standing, among others.

How would you like your wine racks – single-deep, double-deep, or stackable? The choices seem endless.  This is another element that you can customize but there are details in making them that you should not ignore. Otherwise, it may cause damage or ruin the wine cellar’s style.

Also, learn about the difference between kit wine racks and custom wine racks.

Adding important accessories

Almost everything inside the wine cellar must work together for your wine collection’s best interest. The insulated ceiling, walls, and flooring don’t make the wine cellar alone. You can add decorative pieces and other embellishments to add style to your entire house. But let’s not forget two valuable additions: lighting system and cooling system.

Cooling system

Before you get comfortable, the job does not end with the floor, walls, and ceiling. Insulating the room is just the beginning because the wine cellar cooling system is a huge deal! This component must be decided as early as preparing the wine cellar’s blueprint. It will determine the location of the electrical and drain lines, wine racks, and even the lighting.

There are several types of wine cellar cooling systems on the market, which can be confusing if you are not familiar with how they work and what type of wine cellar they work best with. A salesperson will help you make the right choice but often, this is best left with a professional.


You may have seen various wine cellar closet designs in Las Vegas and found the lighting system used a major attraction. This must also be installed with functionality in mind as it can also affect the integrity of your wine cellar if not done the right way.

For wine cellar with single-deep racking, the ceiling lighting should be at least 16 inches away from the walls.  For those with double-deep racking, the distance should be 29 ½ inches measured from the nearest wall to the lighting’s edge.

Closets Las Vegas Makes it Easy with its Cost-Effective and High-Quality Wine Cellar Closet Designs

It takes a lot of hard work to build a wine cellar or entrust it with inexperienced handymen. Such an important project is best handled by an expert in Las Vegas that will create amazing wine cellar closet designs for you.

Wine Roomd Closet Las Vegas

Closets Las Vegas can provide excellent wine cellar solutions. We will take care of all the details from the smallest to the biggest and deliver you an absolute result that wide-eyed contractors can only promise.  We are your local wine cellar construction specialist that is a founding member of the Wine Cellar Designers Group.

We can build you the perfect wine cellar, find you a reliable contractor, or work with a contractor of your choice as a consultant. Because we have worked with seasoned teams, we can offer you guidance so that all your resources do not go to waste.

We welcome residential and commercial clients. If you are ready to start, just reach out and we will help you with structuring and costings. Call us today!