Building Your Dream: Custom Home Closets Build and Design Process in Las Vegas

The joy will be more tangible if all goes according to plan. Building a walk-in closet with the wrong company is painstaking. A builder should be systematic and accurate to produce the exact results that you want. Otherwise, you will be spending money on mediocre work. The disappointment may not end with money and poor craftsmanship. The after-sales service may also be as lousy.  

The building process, which includes a reasonable timeframe, affects the quality of the work. And working with a reputable team in Las Vegas is critical to achieving your desired custom home closet. A good builder knows how to build a walk-in closet step by step and accomplishes a project following a thorough system.        

Closets Las Vegas, a premier closet builder in the city, has a lot to be proud of, one of which is its rigorous building process. The team wants to be as thorough as possible. Over the years, Closets Las Vegas has maintained a set of principles on how to build a walk-in closet step by step in order to fulfill their clients’ visions perfectly 

Elegant looking for her closet with crocodile pattern drawer fronts and lighted display cabinets
Las Vegas high end custom closets for him with modern design
Bright and Clean! This luxury closet system provides a light feeling while utilizing the fuctionality of the space--check it out!
A view of the 'her' side of a two-toned, lighted custom his and hers closet in Sandalwood Community, Summerlin.

For many Las Vegas homeowners, building custom home closets is an irresistible experience.

Planning out the details – doors, shelves, drawers, and other useful features – is a pleasure that you would like to see to the end.

This is How We Do It! Closets Las Vegas’ Step-by-Step Building Process

“Thoroughness characterizes all successful men,” says Elbert Hubbard, and this holds true for Closets Las Vegas. Being precise, accurate, and systematic are what distinguish them from other builders. In every project, its team of experts makes it a point to use the process and schedule to guide the client along the best possible path for them. This principle helps them to deliver outstanding work every time, which is what made them popular in both residential and commercial markets.

But commercial and retail clients have different requirements, so Closets Las Vegas follows a slightly different set of procedures to address each client’s needs. The team’s approach for residential clients is more detailed.

discussing your design with closets las vegas

Discussing Your Design  

Customers are welcome to drop by at their office or showroom. The team will sit down and discuss the basic details with you: the measurements, style, and budget. This will give the team an idea of what to recommend and what will work best for you. 

touring closets las vegas showroom

Touring Our Showroom to Give You a First-hand Experience 

We can hold a day-long conversation about your concept, but this will not make sense until you get first-hand experience of the materials that will go into your closet.   

Closets Las Vegas believes that showing you the materials personally will help you know what you really want, understand how each product works, and how it will look when finished. The team will walk you through its various product lines, which allows you to improve or revise your initial design based on your tangible experiences.

design your closet in 3d with closets las vegas

Designing Your Closet in 3D   

Seeing the products will help you decide whether the design you have in mind is viable. You need to consider the size of your space, as well as your budget. To further give you a clearer vision, the design team will come up with an initial pencil or digital drawing of your walk-in closet plan.  

Closets Las Vegas uses a special design software that makes calculating the budget based on your design preferences and products easy. If the design is over your budget, you can take out a piece and it will adjust the total cost in real-time.

finalize your custom walk in closet in las vegas

Finalizing Your Design and Signing the Contract   

Once you are satisfied with the design and overall cost, the team will produce a final blueprint of your walk-in closet. A 50% downpayment will be collected to start the project and the remaining 50% will be settled upon completion.   

Upon your request, you can take home a copy of your design's blueprint for which Closets Las Vegas will ask for a $500 deposit. We value every design and treat them as intellectual property deserving of protection. This policy, which our customers appreciate and consider a professional approach, serves as a guarantee that your unique design is not duplicated or used outside of our consultation. As well, the $500 will be applied to your closet's total cost upon your return. In our years in the business, only two customers have taken home a copy and never returned to proceed with their dream design. 

closet area measurement with closets las vegas

Visiting Your Home  

A quick home visit by one of Closets Las Vegas’ professional installation crew will precede the installation. The purpose of this is to get the exact measurements of the areas where the closets, shelves, and fixtures will be installed. 

Getting the exact dimensions of each piece will make ordering the materials faster.  It also helps determine the locations of electrical outlets and which products would conflict with existing features in the closet, among other issues. Identifying the problem areas early will save the client from paying extra for products that may be non-essential later.

ordering materials for your custom walk in closet

Ordering the Materials and Scheduling  

The next step is to order the materials. Closets Las Vegas will have the materials pre-cut and prepped for quicker installation. The availability of the materials determines the date of installation. Ordering usually happens on Fridays and the average completion time for the order is 10 days.

installation of custom walk in closet in las vegas

Installing the Materials  

The installation begins after the materials arrive. Its duration varies depending on the size of the project. Usually, this can be accomplished in a day or two. Issues, if there are any, must be addressed right away to avoid delays, which the team seldom experiences. It helps that they set a reasonable timeframe for each task.  

And the crew’s job does not end with setting up the closet. They will conduct an inspection for possible errors so they can make corrections or adjustments if needed.

after installation inspection of custom walk in closet

After-installation Inspection  

Our team has always been meticulous that we perform a thorough inspection after installing the shelves, cabinets, drawers, and other additional features in your walk-in closet. We do not leave without testing and confirming that each piece is functioning properly. As part of this step, we would invite you to test the products yourself. We will also show you how to utilize the closet and modify portions that are adjustable if there are any.

custom walk in closet with lifetime warranty

Settle the Remaining Balance and Enjoy a Lifetime Guarantee  

When everything is in place and your walk-in closet is ready for use, you can settle the remaining 50% balance. But even if the project is completed, the Closets Las Vegas team will stick around for any issues that may still arise.   

The team rarely receives any complaints about their work in its years in the business. Despite this, Closets Las Vegas still offers a lifetime warranty on parts and services. Even if it has been a decade since your walk-in closet was installed, the team will be available to help you with any problems you may have.  


Closets Las Vegas: The Custom Closet Builder that Keeps Its Promises

Building high-quality custom home closets are Closets Las Vegas’ forte; it is the company’s passion. Every project is valuable, and every client is a family member to whom they want to provide the best service. This can only be done with a meticulous process for building a custom closet step by step.

Closets Las Vegas’ philosophy is simple: treat each client like family. Build closets for customers like they are building one for themselves. And this is proven to work in the team and the clients’ favor.

If you are looking to have your custom home closets built for your home, Closets Las Vegas has your back. From start to finish, you can count on our team of professional designers and builders. We offer the best products in the market, help work out your budget, and provide an excellent warranty that other builders cannot.

Contact us today! Let’s talk about your dream closet design and start building it!