Spotlight High-End: A Walk-In, Custom Pull Out Pantry in Las Vegas
You want a custom pull-out pantry from a builder near you because you know modern design is no longer just about looks–it is about how your Las Vegas house can work better for you. A lot of homeowners want one, especially those who are particular about functionality. Of course, interior design matters too, especially if you are a style-conscious homeowner. If you want to have all the functionality you desire in a pantry, customizing it is the way to go.

The term custom-built may sound intimidating, as it could mean costly, even if your space is small. But considering the materials’ durability and flexibility, you get to save more on possible repairs or upgrades if the need arises.

This high-end walk-in pantry made with the Classica product line is one example of a functional closet design with a pull-out pantry that’s classy and well-built to the core. The team behind this beauty is Closets Las Vegas who partnered with Tri Pointe Homes in Las Vegas to create stunning efficient closet and pantry designs for the homes in the Overlook community.

The Elegance of Classica Driftwood

Pantry Design Las Vegas

View of the top shelves in this efficient pantry design.

Professionals are often meticulous, always searching for excellence in their work, the things they use, and the home they live in. Being a professional yourself, you are likely to be keen on classy, relaxing home design – from your bedroom down to your pantry. However, you focus more on accessibility, productivity, and flexibility. You are smart enough to know the size of your space is less important than how easy it is to navigate your pantry and reach the goods you need quickly.

A minimalist theme works perfectly for a walk-in pantry as it would minimize your stress and make food preparation an enjoyable activity. After a day or a week’s work, it would be nice if cooking was less taxing. This is why you will find this custom pull-out pantry a smart work of art.

Need Ample Storage Space? The Huge Shelving System Will Fascinate You!

Don’t underestimate the humble size of this custom pull-out pantry. Surrounding it are three columns of open storage shelves where you can organize a variety of food items. Without a backer, the huge gray Classica Driftwood installation sits elegantly against a plain white wall.  

The first column has four layers, with the bottom layer being wider to accommodate the wire baskets. The middle has five layers and a deep rounded corner design, which is an optimal way of using the space. The third column also has five layers, giving you ample room for a wide variety of items.     

Closets Las Vegas Loves A Custom Pull-Out Pantry Featuring Wire Baskets and So Will You  

Functional Pantry design Las Vegas

Food preparation is easier with these wire baskets. Store what you need in the baskets, and you can pull it out and go.

Professionals are used to a fast-paced environment, and you want to bring your time-saving practices home. Food preparation usually takes

time. Although you cannot fast-forward the whole process, it’s better if you could at least save seconds on bringing all the ingredients from your pantry to the kitchen.  

With that in mind, you’ll certainly find the stack of three pull-out wire baskets a major productivity feature. Strategically located at the bottom of the shelf near the door, they serve as additional storage space for goods. If you have several food items to carry, you can easily pull out one upon entry to gather them and take them to the kitchen in one trip.  

Versatility is Beauty 

The Classica Driftwood product line is one of Closets Las Vegas’ finest. Style-wise, your senses can enjoy a fusion of modern elegance and classic ambiance. On top of that, the product is versatile. The small holes in each panel allow you to adjust the height of the shelves even without tools.  

Flexibility is a definite attraction as it offers an innovative and less costly way to spruce things up or modify the shelves if needed. A high-end pantry shelving system is a must-have!   

Reward Yourself with an Elegant and Smart Custom Pull-Out Pantry Near You. Closets Las Vegas Can Help! 

Give yourself a treat. You deserve the best things in life for working hard. You don’t need to look out for another custom pull-out pantry as Closets Las Vegas will build it for you. You can turn your home into a total package with a high-end pantry where food preparation becomes a de-stressing activity. The magic starts by choosing a premier company that delivers the best results and gives value for your hard-earned money.   

Closets Las Vegas is one of the city’s renowned closet and custom pull-out pantry builders that offers high-quality products. Whether you are a busy and design-savvy professional or a laid-back individual, we will build a custom pull-out pantry for you that’s better than you imagine it. This way, you can look forward to a more relaxed food organization and preparation experience. 

Our design portfolio will speak for the quality of the work we do for our residential and commercial clients. Closets Las Vegas creates noteworthy custom pull-out pantries, walk-in closets, wine cellars, and office shelving systems. 

We have an awesome product line selection for your modern or classic shelving concept. Drop by our showroom or give us a call to schedule an appointment.