What it’s like to work with Interior Designers as Closets Las Vegas Custom Closet Builders

From conceptualization to installation, building a walk-in closet gives the best feeling and homeowners can relate! There may be challenges along the way but the element of fun makes the whole activity an adventure. Installing the backers, panels, racks, and lighting is just the tip of the iceberg. For one thing, everything must be well-planned before setting up the materials – color palette, wood type, finish, and texture.  

A professional closet interior design is important to accomplish the perfect walk-in closet that suits your taste, lifestyle, and personal needs. Without a professional interior designer’s input, your closet might turn into a costly mistake. There are several possibilities: inaccurate measurements, poor quality standards, style and color issues, and below-par work.  

Such problems are what Closets Las Vegas avoids, which is why Closets Las Vegas’ creative team consults a professional interior designer in every project. While the Closets Las Vegas team also consists of creative geniuses in closet interior design, they respect the talents and ability of interior designers already trusted on projects, builds, and are involved in custom design projects. 

In terms of this partnership, Closets Las Vegas can tell you a thing or two about how working with a closet interior designer (and how working together) brings life to what would be a boring, standard closet. 

Are Interior Designers Expected to Design Closets in the Room? 

Closet interior designers can help a lot in building top-quality walk-in closets. With these visionaries in the mix, you can expect simple spaces to become stunning masterpieces. After all, closet builders and interior designers speak a similar language and understand what the drawings mean. But are interior designers expected to design closets in the room? Can a closet builder go without them? 

Unfortunately, there are companies that don’t employ interior designers for their closet design ideas. Reasons may vary, including financial limitations, and lack of experience. Some companies fail to acknowledge the great contributions of interior designers in producing out-of-the-box closet interior design and solely rely on the client’s descriptions. 


How Does Closets Las Vegas Deal with Interior Closet Design? 

Professional Interior Designer for Closet Las Vegas

Aside from productivity features, great design is a big deal for Closets Las Vegas. The team wants to deliver a functional and beautiful walk-in closet that clients can easily upgrade and use for a long time.  

For this reason, the leading closet company in Las Vegas has its own creative design team to conceptualize a closet interior design that is based on the client’s visions and desired functionality features.  

Closets Las Vegas Coordinates the Color Palette for the Closet Interior Design 

Each client has a different taste in style and color. Initially, the team settles with the most suitable color palette and then consult the in-house interior designer or the client’s own interior designer. Communicating with the interior designer is important in avoiding any design conflicts.  

Creating Design Options Based on the Takeoffs 

Following the color palette selection is working with the blueprint or take-offs. Take-offs show the entire space’s layouts and dimensions. With this, it is easier to picture how the closet will be set up. The team then comes up with two to three closet design ideas, which the client can choose from. 

Once you have picked your preferred design, we can get started on the building process right away. This is what happens when you work with the premier closet builder, you witness your dream closet come to life.  

Is Your Closet Builder Serious About Delivering the Best Results? We Are! 

Having a closet builder that can work smoothly with the interior designer will give you a positive experience. If both camps get along, you can be confident that your walk-in closet is in good hands.  

For one thing, it avoids conflicts. You won’t have to worry about the clash of ideas as the closet builder and interior designer act as team players. This will keep you from getting into difficult situations like delays, bickering, or any negative scenarios. 

A closet builder working peacefully and productively with the interior designer always produces the most cohesive look and feel, the way you imagined your walk-in closet to be. The result will reflect not just in your bedroom but your entire home.  

If you want building your dream walk-in closet to be a stress-free experience, make sure to hire team players. 

What if I Don’t Have an Interior Designer for my home remodel?Professional Interior Designer for Closet in room Las Vegas

Several issues may prevent you from hiring a separate professional interior designer, including fees and availability. This is a problem, especially if you are meticulous about the details and overall design of your walk-in closet.  

Closets Las Vegas’ clients never have to worry about professionally designed spaces. Why? Because the company has in-house interior designers who are experienced professionals. These experts have years of experience designing walk-in closets, pantries, office spaces, among others, and deliver superior results.  

If you want to have your dream walk-in closet built to perfection, working with Closets Las Vegas is a smart move.  

Work with the best. Work with Closets Las Vegas.

If you have a closet interior design idea and want it built with class and high quality, forget about companies that do not take interior design seriously. Closets Las Vegas has heard all the complaints about poorly done walk-in closets. And the stories vary from uneven shelves to low-quality set-up to tasteless color themes.  

Closets Las Vegas has always been on top of everything structure and design-wise. The closet interior design matters to us as much as quality and functionality do and we wow our clients with jaw-dropping results. From color palettes to shelves, to lighting to upgrades, we deliver as promised.  

It is our pleasure to work with your own interior designer so we can produce accurate results. However, if you don’t have an interior designer, we have a team of design specialists who can help design your closet with you throughout the process. 

We can get started as soon as you like! Give us a call or drop by our showroom, where you can freely view a few design options for your walk-in closet.