Multi-Family Builders

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For Home and Multi-Family Builders, Closets Las Vegas is the Best Choice.

Here’s Why.

Closets Las Vegas owner, Joe Ferraro, explains why Closets Las Vegas is the best choice for Commercial, Multi-Family, and New Home Builders in Las Vegas:

Your schedule matters to us. And the most important part of ensuring we follow your schedule is communication. We’ll be in constant communication with your Superintendents; whether they want closets installed before flooring or after flooring – that’s where we excel. On-time, and delivery the first time. There’s no call-backs. And we’re on-time according to your schedule.

Closets Las Vegas is well-versed; we do multi-families, we do ADA-compliant senior citizen homes, single family homes, apartments, anything that’s been done in Las Vegas for the past 15 years that are either State or Federally funded, and Senior Citizen Housing – we’ve done those projects. You’re dealing with someone who has been in the Commercial business as well as the Single-Family/Multi-Family business and Commercial sector for 15 years.

Our track record is on our website – multiple projects that we’ve done over the past 15 years. Take a look – we’re the right company for you.