How to Create Luxury for Your Master Bedroom with His and Hers Closet in Las Vegas

Amazing Customizable Master Bedroom with His and Hers Closets in Las Vegas

Many homeowners not only in Las Vegas but all over the world dream of having a master bedroom with His and Hers closets. Couples especially are more inclined to having their own closet space that matches their tastes and needs. They want the best of both worlds – a more masculine style with strong colors for him and a feminine and elegant spirit for her.

His and hers closet designs involve two distinct styles that should work well together in one space despite the contrasts. On top of this, functionality is an important aspect of his and hers walk in closet designs. To achieve a refined finish takes careful conceptualization and high-quality materials that may affect your budget.

If you are going for a master bedroom with his and hers closet designs, spending money is inevitable, unless you would hire a team of Las Vegas closet builders that help you with budgeting. Can you really have a luxury walk closet for him and her without breaking the bank?

Closets Las Vegas would say yes. After all, this team of closet builders has completed numerous walk-in closets for various clients, including the Ravenwood model home project.

Closets Las Vegas’ Ravenwood Model Home Project with an Amazing Master Bedroom with His and Hers Closets

Adding to Closets Las Vegas’ string of successful projects is the Ravenwood model home project, where the master bedroom with his and hers closet is an attention grabber. Using durable and fancy-looking materials and applying a wow-worthy design that inspires productivity, the luxury walk-in closet is a masterpiece for couples to enjoy.

For this second model home project in Ravenwood, the team decided to go with a more modest styling completed with a manageable budget range. Still, Closets Las Vegas chalked up a winning design to satisfy every couple’s eye..

His Side – A Powerful Closet Design that Stuns

Functional and spacious his side of his and hers closet designs by Closets Las Vegas

The his side of his and hers closet designs by Closets Las Vegas shows off the grand shelving system with adjustable rods and shelves.

Closets Las Vegas used its own materials to complete the ‘his’ side, with enough space for suits, slacks, shirts, and the rest of his clothes. The shelves go up to the ceiling, with upper shelves that can be used for weekend clothes. This may seem an inconvenience but reaching up for home and outdoor attires only twice a week is not so bad. In fact, it would be an opportunity for him to flex his muscles, in case workout is forgotten due to his busy schedule. And the functional features are visible amid the sophistication.

Glass Windows

It’s easier to browse through the closets with the frameless glass doors. Making the clothes visible at first glance saves time, of course, but it also proves more durable than wood materials. Wood tends to be temperature sensitive. Especially when the atmosphere packs on excessive moisture, it tends to swell.

Glass materials, on the contrary, have fewer issues with extreme temperatures. Plus, its elegant look makes any closet luxurious.

Grand Shelving System with Adjustable Rods and Shelves

Entrance to the His side of a luxurios closet in a master bedroom with his and hers closets in Las Vegas

Upon entry to the His side of this luxurious closet in a master bedroom with his and hers closets in Las Vegas, you’ll be stunned by its elegant design.

Running from floor to ceiling, the closet’s size looks intimidating. But for a businessman, it’s invaluable. With an ample space packed in one corner of the closet, your hubby can organize his stuff and not get lost during the rush. If changes need to be done, you can easily do so without tools because the shelves and rods are adjustable.

Lighting System

The LED lighting system surrounding the luxury shoe rack’s interior, as well as the additional white cabinet in the His side’s entrance intensifies the wow-factor. In luxury walk-in closets, having a handsome lighting system is almost a rule of thumb.

Her Side – Functionality with Elegance and Grace

The 10-foot high Her side of the walk-in closet looks just as fabulous as the His side even without the luxurious trappings. For this corner, Closets Las Vegas focused on functionality. The execution of the style was clean and graceful, perfect for the sophisticated lady of the house.

Two luxury shoe racks rest alternately with the clothes shelves in classy glass doors in a master bedroom with his and hers closets in Las Vegas

The clear glass doors with wood frames give an elegant look to the shoe racks and clothes shelves in a master bedroom with his and hers closets in Las Vegas.

Beautiful Shelving System for Smart Organization

Like the His side’s shelving system, the Her side has a customizable closet style that runs from floor to ceiling, with four wooden cabinets with white shade for a clean look. The color, which in contrast to the His Side’s darker shade, offers a distinction between the two sides. Meanwhile, two luxury shoe racks rest alternately with the clothes shelves.

Classy Glass Doors with Wood Frames

Clothes shelves in between two luxury shoe racks for his and hers closet design in Las Vegas

In this his and hers closet design, the cabinets for clothes and shoe racks have glass doors with wood frames.

The cabinets for clothes and shoe racks have glass doors with wood frames, exuding an elegant look. The

shoe racks boast of clear glass doors from top to bottom, opening from middle. For the clothes shelves, only the upper half is of glass so that the other can be a set of drawers with oversized steel poles and a hamper.

Nifty Pull-Down Rails for Smart Storage

Closets Las Vegas made sure that the homeowners can use every inch of the closet by adding an open shelf at the top half of the wall. Pull-down rails are also added for accessibility of your clothes up top.

You can hang your clothes on these steel rails and conveniently bring them down through a pole when necessary. With such a minimal space, Closets Las Vegas built an efficient shelving system that will save space in an amazing way.

A LED Lighting System that Creates Luxury

A perky lighting system is an indispensable part of a luxury closet in a master bedroom with His and Hers closet. Closet Las Vegas once again worked its magic by installing LED lighting in the closet and shoe racks’ interiors.

Experience Luxury His and Hers Closets by the Leading Las Vegas Closet Builders

There is no need to choose between two contrasting styles if you can have a master bedroom with his and hers closets. Why settle for one design if you can have the best of both worlds? Budget issues are not an excuse anymore if you work with a professional builder that can maximize it for you.  

Closets Las Vegas is a leading closet builder with conceptualization and design processes that always work in your favor. If you have a design idea, the team will set up a digital drawing with an automatic computation system. You can view the cost of the project in real-time allowing you to check if your design is within your budget.  

Being the passionate builder that we are, we do not sacrifice quality even with a limited funding. We will make sure that you still get the best design and materials to make your dream walk-in closet a reality.  

We invite you to our showroom and look at our product lines. Let us discuss the plans and designs you have for your dream closet the soonest time possible.  

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