TOTAL SPACE SAVER – His&Hers Classical Chocolate Pear Small Walk-In Closet by Closets Las Vegas

Designing a His and Hers closet, small or big, always gets Las Vegas homeowners excited because it is one area of the house that’s personal. Here, you can express your taste for style that’s either distinct or similar to your spouse. If you are a style-conscious professional who has a propensity for elegant and functional interior, a more modern, efficient, and livelier theme is preferable.

What if you have limited space? You may be worried that a small area won’t allow you to create a stylish walk-in closet. The idea of sharing a crowded space with your significant other may also raise concerns. Your closet can go wild with both your stuff mixing together! The outcome would then depend on the people who would build your functional His and Hers walk-in closet. You need an expert who can work with a small space and give it value.

Tri Pointe’s model His and Hers small walk-in closet design in Overlook is a great example to follow. Using the freedomRail product line, Closets Las Vegas built the His and Her closets that match the home’s chocolate pear color palette. The concept is simple, convenient, and efficient – the ideal qualities of storage spaces for busy professionals.

Functional Closet Design for Him and Her with Easy Access

As a busy professional, you expect your schedule to be full, sometimes even during weekends. Time is of the essence. Every minute counts, so you want your personal stuff to be always ready and within your reach.  

This His and Hers small walk-in closet is ideal for you and your partner. It’s small and straightforward, but it does not lose that aesthetic value. Built with chocolate pear shelving system, the closet is easy on the eyes. It’s convenient and straightforward, allowing you to save time and get to where you need to go. 

First, we look at the 20-feet efficient closet design for him and her with no backer keeping the room bright and in harmony with the color of the walls. Despite the limited area, it’s a great functional closet design for two people.     

Hamper: Hidden yet Handy 

Women's Walk In Closet

Keep your walk-in closet clean and free from clutter! You can store your used clothes in the hidden hamper.

On a normal day, there could be a lot of things going on at home and with work. You have little time to arrange things or put everything in place, including laundry. The hidden hamper near the walk-in closet’s entrance solves this issue.  

Easy to pull out, you can throw in pieces of clothing on your way in or out in style. Inside are ready-to-go bags that you can pick up quickly when it’s ready for the laundry. Because of the built-in partition, your clothes are sorted and out of the way. 

No-Fuss Ample Storage Spaces  

Topping the hamper are three layers of roomy storage shelves to organize your accessories, folded clothes, and other personal items you use daily. The panels can be adjusted so if you need a wider area, you can do so with a sleight of hand. 

His Walk In Closet Ideas Las Vegas, NV

His side of the small walk in closet in Las Vegas.

Long, Top, and Bottom Hangs in an Efficient Closet Design 

Moving towards the middle of the functional walk-in closet design is the long-hang shelves for your gowns and dresses. This will keep them nice and neat, ready for any formal or casual events. For medium-sized blouses, denim, and pants that you don’t want to get wrinkled, the top and bottom hang are the right places.   

Rounded Corner Rods: Closets Las Vegas Optimized this His and Hers Closet with Small but Significant Detail  

The round corner rods have become Closets Las Vegas’ trademark design. The team does not want to waste space so we always optimize and use the corners for long-hang or double-hang shelves. But we don’t just install the rods, we do it in a way that’s convenient and beneficial for you. The corner rods are easy to glide the hangers through while your clothes are kept neat. It makes hanging clothes easier to access instead of being buried in the back of the closet. 

Roomy Shoe Shelves for Him and Her

A busy couple is expected to have a collection of footwear for different purposes. Thus, Closets Las Vegas installed two stacks – one for him and one for her. It also comes in chocolate pear color with steel frame to keep the shoes in place and with elegance.  No need to worry about running out of space because they are roomy, enough to accommodate dozens.

Big or Small, Your Dream His and Hers Closet – Small or Big – Will Be Remarkable If You Let Us Build It!

If you have a His and Hers closet design in mind, but are reluctant to pursue it due to the small space you have at home, the best thing to do is to have the finest in the industry build it for you. Choose a closet builder in Las Vegas with years of experience and skills to work with various sizes of his and hers closet – small, medium, or large. Working with an expert builder is worth your time and money as you will have your desired outcome: a modern, functional, and wow-worthy closet better than you imagined. 

We know because Closets Las Vegas has always produced results based on what our clients want. Our team has worked with his and hers closets of different sizes using our top-of-the-line product lines.  

Our hard-working installers move as fast and efficiently as you do so you won’t have to wait a long time to see your closet. Our in-house interior design experts can also help you conceptualize a great design or make your own ideas come to life. Come visit our showroom and take a look at our freedomRail samples and other product lines. We accept walk-in clients, and if you prefer a reservation, call us today!