Customer Connection

First things first: Do you need help right now?

Then call, text, or email us with your needs.

Because once you’re a Closets Las Vegas customer, you’re like family.

And we don’t mean that in a “Bring the turkey with you to Thanksgiving, will ya?” kind of way. What we do mean is that we love the fact that you love closets and organization – and you recognized how we live and breathe them. (And that maybe in some way you won’t think we’re weird because of that.)


Our connection to our customers works like this:

  1. We help you design the closet you need within your budget. We ensure – through our experience in asking the right questions about your lifestyle and your daily routine – that the finished result will help you get and stay organized, eliminating wasted time and money. Because, well, it sucks to waste those things.
  2. Once your design is finalized and payment arrangements are made – we order your materials, specifically for your project. (Sort of like how In-‘N-Out doesn’t start your burger until you show up.)
  3. When we have your delivery date – we’ll contact you to schedule installation. (The fun begins!)
  4. We arrive and install on-time – expertly, cleanly, professionally. (We’re not making this part up.)
  5. Our Quality Assurance expert will personally inspect your finished product to ensure it meets our high standards.
  6. And if you ever need us afterwards, we’re here for you. Real people answer the phone (no ‘Press 2 to wait even longer’ prompts here). We take your call, listen to your needs, then make sure they’re taken care of as soon as possible.

We’d like to say there’s more – but it’s really as simple as that. Our Customer Connection begins at the top – with our founder and owner, Joe Ferraro. And it rolls downhill from there – covering every team member with a warm, fuzzy feeling that we share with every customer – and that will make you love your closets even more.