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freedomRail is the only truly Adjustable Storage System ® that can easily be changed to adapt to your needs. At the heart of this organizing system is its ability to adjust- and readjust – to suit you and your family’s ever-changing needs. Add shelves and accessories without drilling new holes into the wall, and change the current arrangement of components left, right, up or down at any time – without any tools. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

freedomRail Nickel
freedomRail Nickel
Kids freedomRail
Kids freedomRail
freedomRail Office
freedomRail Office
freedomRail Pantry
freedomRail Pantry

freedomRail Snowdrift cabinet and shelving

Easy to Install

No complicated instructions or confusing parts and pieces. You’ll be astonished at how quickly freedomRail installs!

Easy to Adjust

All components are designed for a lifetime of use. Reposition shelves to fit a growing child or toddler. Changes are a snap!

Easy to Upgrade

Place a Rail in every closet of your home and then choose from a variety of options to customize that storage space.

Available Colors

Cypress Live Color Swatch
Cypress Live
Driftwood Live Color Swatch
Driftwood Live
Modern Cherry Color Swatch
Modern Cherry
Chocolate Pear Color Swatch
Chocolate Pear
Midnight Live Color Swatch
Midnight Live
White Color Swatch
Snowdrift Live Color Swatch
Snowdrift Live

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