Making Life Easy with This FreedomRail Chocolate Pear Small Walk-In Pantry by Closets Las Vegas

Many small walk-in pantry ideas that you can find in magazines and on the internet emphasize interior design. You could feast your eyes on hundreds of gorgeous color palettes, lighting, and décor inspiring you to have one similar for your Las Vegas home. But if you are a busy professional, you would want something that also fits your lifestyle—busy and on the go (so you NEED it to work for you). How can you balance beauty and functionality in a pantry?

Tri Pointe Homes partnered with Closets Las Vegas to build a small walk-in pantry for its Overlook community model home. Using the FreedomRail product line, Closets Las Vegas came up with a stunning design that gives busy professionals like you the functionality you desire in a beautiful, minimalist pantry.

Chocolate Pear Pantry: Simplicity at Its Best

This small walk in pantry is in the Chocolate Pear shade matching the design of the house.

Closets Las Vegas aims to build an elegant pantry with features that would make your home life easy. And with this concept, this chocolate pear pantry is on point. Using freedomRail, it’s a versatile, simple, and functional pantry design; a hidden gem for both laid-back homeowners and busy professionals. Compared to other basic corner pantry ideas for small kitchens, which lack serviceability, this walk-in pantry offers systematic storage spaces and a luscious vibe.

Freedom to Move with Wide-Open Walk-in Pantry Shelving

A lot of homeowners have become accustomed to pantries with divided shelves almost from top to bottom. However, this no-muss-no-fuss pantry is a fresh take as it drops the wood partitions that can sometimes be more of a hindrance than helpful.

This small walk-in pantry has a wide-open shelving concept that reduces the time you spend looking for food items because the unnecessary obstructions are gone. Even better, you can simply peek through the goods organized in the six-layered long flat shelves and reach for them easily.

An Open Bottom Space for Additional Storage

While all your groceries sit neatly on the open shelves, other supplies can be stored in the open space at the bottom. This works great if you are a bulk buyer with several boxes and huge cans to store. Either make it a storage or leave it empty for future upgrades.

The bottom space also provides additional room for panel adjustments.  If you want to expand a few shelves down to the floor, you are free to do so.

Pull-Out Wire Baskets!

No more annoying multiple trips in the pantry. This pull-out wire baskets allow you to carry everything you need to use.

One of the most exciting features of this chocolate pear pantry is the two-layer pull-out wire baskets situated on the side. Two layers of the wire baskets allow you to store your frequently used groceries without worrying about finding them later. The basket’s open design won’t give you a hard time searching for ingredients, and the pull-out function allows you to carry multiple items to the kitchen in just one trip!

Small Wire Shelves for Pantry

Two more rows of wire shelves for the pantry are on top of the pull-out wire baskets. The slanted thin wire mesh serves as shelves for smaller and lighter items.

The wiring space is tighter to keep the items from tilting or falling. Because of the wire materials, you can see through their contents and save time in finding what you need.

PVC Pipes to Keep it Nice and Neat

The brackets of freedomRail are filled with holes for adjustment purposes. Although functional, they can be an eyesore. To solve this issue, the team installed removable PVC pipes to cover these holes when the brackets are on stand-by. They are easy to remove and put back on, making adjusting the panels easy and neat.

Choose Something Unique vs Ordinary Small Walk-in Pantry Ideas for Your Las Vegas Home!

A busy and time-conscious professional like you thrives in a neat environment. Therefore, a simple yet elegant pantry stands out for you more than huge and impractical small walk-in pantry ideas. Size doesn’t matter as long as things are accessible with a stress-free ambiance. A pantry that’s packed with features that are organized and elegant is always more appealing.

But don’t think that a minimalist pantry is easy to build. Simplicity does not mean mediocrity. Apart from the visual and functional elements, durability and flexibility also matter. Practical people would not mind the high cost if the quality of the work is worth every penny. And when it comes to that, Closets Las Vegas is the expert.

We want you to enjoy our creations for many years, so Closets Las Vegas only uses top-notch product lines to create stunning and functional pantries. Aside from durability, the materials we use are also flexible, allowing you to modify the installations on your own. That means a new look at zero cost.

Being a premier closet builder, Closets Las Vegas is also big on designs with value. We have our resident creative team that will help turn your pantry concepts into wow-worthy reality to make this possible. We are as excited as you are, and we will get to work as soon as you give us a go. But first, we invite you to our showroom where you can view and select from our product lines. Call us now to schedule a tour!