LESS IS MORE to this White Walk-In Modern Walk-In Closet for the Ladies by Closets Las Vegas
No one wants a lackluster home, especially when you are designing spaces in your home yourself. The last thing you want is a boring space that leaves you bored. Energetic spaces are stunning, bold, creative, and… colorful? Well not always.

Color can easily become chaotic and conflicting and actually take away from the right energy you want in your home. Although many think color is the only way to create energy in a home: it is not! Yes, even a white closet can be bold, stunning, and creative. The white modern walk-in closet is only a true beauty with the right energy when carefully designed and constructed.

So, what’s the secret? Why are more homeowners considering all-white walk-in closets?

Nowadays, the all-white design has gone from ho-hum to wow-worthy, and it takes a good designer and closet builder to pull off such a feat. If you are considering getting a white walk-in closet, better ask Closets Las Vegas about building you one. Let’s take a look at two stunning white and modern walk-in closets for his and hers build below.

See These White Modern Walk-In Closet That Are Budget-Friendly and Packed with Features and Beauty

Closets Las Vegas has completed several white, modern walk-in closets for Scots Pine, and our third white walk-in wardrobe design does not stray far from the others. We worked on two designs, perfect for those looking for a luxury walk-in closet, and for those looking for a budget-friendly closet!

Model #1: Bursting with Brightness!

Yup, the brightness is powerful, with an elegance you can’t underestimate. This gorgeous space is the other half of His and Hers modern white walk-in closet. It’s an 8-ft. installation on a 10-ft wall with 2 ½ inch toe kick. Without the backer, you can see a subtle variation of colors. 

Double-hang and Long-hang Shelves  

For the wide range of clothing options, the closet has a variety of shelves around for long gowns, dresses, blouses, pants and denims – long-hang, double-hang, top and bottom hang. Above these shelves are extra spaces for more stuff. 


At the center is the eight-layer shoe rack that can hold three pairs each. Your shoes will surely stand out because of the white background and steel front.   


Resting beside the towering shoe rack, the ample 5-layer drawer is enough to accommodate folded and small clothes pieces or keep jewelry and other items. If more room is required, these spaces can be transformed or upgraded into a different storage space in the future.  

Model #2: A Medium-Sized Simplicity 

This off-the-floor closet installation stands 8-ft high with a 5-inch toe-kick, you can expect the same elements inside this well-defined white walk-in wardrobe: 


Standing 8-feet, the shoe rack has eight layers, each can hold three pairs. It’s placed systematically between the drawers and shelves for a more convenient garb selection.  

Double-hang and Long-hang Shelves 

Women will love the variety in its shelving systems. For your long gowns and dresses, there’s a long-hang situated in the right corner with extra storage spaces above. On the left is another series of double-hang shelves to accommodate blouses and trousers.  


A walk-in closet will not be complete without drawers, and for this design, Closets Las Vegas set up one, but making the top half of it open for easier storage.  


The floor is worth mentioning. While it deviates from the all-white idea, the brown and dark brown wood panels provide a smart contrast to the white shelves and drawers. It’s an interesting accent that allows you to see a different shade. Plus, it makes the white color stand out.   

Why Give White Walk-in Closet Ideas a Chance? 

White walk-in closet ideas turn some people off, but what you may not realize about them is their flexibility. Contrary to popular belief, having a white background will not prevent you from experimenting with colors. In fact, it gives you more opportunities to mix-and-match! Any art or accent colors you layer will stand out more against a white closet. 

And because you are given a ‘blank slate’ there are no worries about mismatching if you need to adjust shelving. The Scots Pine model white walk-in closet is made from Closets Las Vegas’ Classica product line. It’s 100% adjustable, so if you need to move a few things, it can be done anytime.  

The design is also open for future upgrades. You can add lighting to the shelves to enhance their elegance or convert one shelf into an additional storage space. With this budget-friendly white walk-in wardrobe design, you can do more. 

Convinced Yet? Feel Free to Have Your Own White Modern Walk-In Closet Built to Perfection Here in Las Vegas!

You may be one of those homeowners who has also decided on the white modern walk-in closet, but with small reservations. There’s the issue of modesty and potential dullness, but how Closets Las Vegas manages to turn a plain white walk-in wardrobe into a stunning and elegant space ensures you are going to have the energy and elegance you want.  

In the design sphere where people race for glamorous creations, you can dare to go with the less complicated yet sophisticated theme. All-white is the new style that favors people who want to take a break from a stressful city life or appreciate the beauty in simplicity. 

Ask Closets Las Vegas! When it comes to white walk-in closet design ideas, this master closet builder is the expert. The renowned closet company will create your dream closet while combining its expertise with your concept.  

If you want to know what options are available to you, you can visit our showroom or contact us for more details!