Money Spent on Luxury Closet System Upgrades is Money Well-Spent
Especially If You Work with Closets Las Vegas! 

Deluxe, walk-in closets will leave you feeling satisfied for a long time but no one wants to spend money on a closet space that looks nice when staged, but lacks all the details and features that make it truly luxurious for years to come. The details of a luxury closet are what truly makes it stand out.   



A luxury closet system upgrades should include enhancements in lighting, drawers, storageand more. And it should add these features to make it more functional, especially when your goal is productivity. 

While you think luxury closet upgrades, you may be anxious about someone trying to charge you more while producing an average closet with mundane features. But if you work with someone experienced in providing innovative solutions and features, you would realize that it’s all worth it. Whether it be adding hampers in unused corners or maximizing your closet space, or replacing the lighting with a cost-efficient brand, it will be money well-spent.  


Luxury Closet System Upgrades: Lighting, System Holes, and More in a Las Vegas Model Home

This is How We Do It! Closets Las Vegas’ Short List of Luxury Closet System Upgrades

The pursuit of success is a huge part of luxurious living. Your home should inspire productivity; your closet should boost your confidence and make your life easier. Certain luxury closet system upgrades successfully create that elevated status through efficiency and style. But what features are considered luxurious? What upgrades are in a true luxury closet system? Check out below for a list of features from our various luxury closets. 


Removed System Holes for Cleaner Look

upgrading your closet in las vegas


A typical walk-in closet system would have closets with system holes around the edges. Closet builders place them on purpose so you can easily adjust or remove shelves to expand a space. Some people prefer to keep the system holes, while others, who find them distracting, choose to have them removed.  

If you, too, find them unsightly or have no need for them, have them removed. This may take a lot of work and skills so a professional builder will be the person to do this. This will give your closets a neater look and you will be less bothered by these holes every time you suit up.   


Hidden, Easy-Access Ironing Board

hidden ironing board for luxury closets in las vegas


Isn’t it annoying when you have to fuss over ironing your clothes? If you do not mind transferring to another room to use one, you still have storage issues to deal with. Given that you have a cabinet built to stash it, a standard-sized ironing board can still take up space, which you can use for other purposes. 

If you haven’t heard of a pull-out medium-sized ironing board, you better check it out and have it added to your luxury closet system. Because it is smaller, it’s a space-saver and can be tucked away easily in a place the size of a drawer. When it’s time to use it, just pull it out and you will get the job done in no time.   


Stylish Space for your Shoes

luxury shoe rack


Sometimes, people pay so much attention to clothes they forget that shoes have great value, too, and they deserve better treatment. Shoes are important and they will last longer if you dedicate a nice shoe repository within your closet. Including a luxury shoe rack in your luxury closet design is a great idea especially if you have a big collection. Ask and a good closet builder will build an archive of shoes for you with fancy-looking lighting for dramatic effect.   


Neat Hampers for Added Storage

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A hamper is another good addition to a luxury closet system. Unused spaced are a perfect venue for hampers, which can serve as storage for extra clothing, bags, beddings, towels, etc. Your closet builder will know the best place to install it, what size, and the like. 


Enhanced Lighting for Prettier Ambiance

luxury closet lighting


By now, you may have realized how difficult it can sometimes be to depend on the lighting on the ceiling when trying out an ensemble in front of the mirror. For a clearer view, an improved lighting system is a reasonable luxury custom closet upgrade. High-end closets without a sophisticated lighting system are no luxury at all.  

Check the areas where you want to light up more and the areas where you want the lighting to be replaced. For sure, your closet will be more dazzling and enticing.   


Relaxing Furniture Pieces 

add furniture pieces to your luxury closet


Do you visit your walk-in closet often? If so, it would be a great idea to add a piece or two of furniture in it – a chair and a center table, for example. This will work to your advantage if you consume a huge amount of time dressing up for work or gathering. Plus, it’s one way of creating a relaxing environment in a place where stress may be present at times. Go ahead and pick a gorgeous sofa to make you feel comfortable while planning your attire. 


New Colors, New Look

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To enhance your walk-in closet’s grace and beauty, consider revising the color palette into a classier and more updated one. You don’t have to repaint the entire room. Instead, coordinate the colors, which means repainting some areas to create a fresh fusion!

The pursuit of success covers a huge base, including an efficient environment. Your home should inspire productivity; your closet should boost your confidence and make your life easier. And upgrading some features will accomplish this. If you are decided on upgrading your luxury walk-in closet system, these tips will help you run and enjoy the show with minimal issues.


Textured Drawer Fronts

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Textured drawer front  Las Vegas

Textured drawer fronts was probably not anywhere in your mind when you thought of luxury closet system upgrades. But this small detail can make a HUGE impact because the details are what make the big differences, big differences. It’s like having a stunning backsplash in your kitchen, and then yellowed laminated countertops. If the details aren’t elevating the big differences like lighting and cabinet styles–are you really doing the big differences justice?

There are a few ways to add texture to drawer fronts (paint, color finish, etc.) but one of the ones we wanted to highlight was crocodile patterned drawer fronts. Initially you may think “That sounds over the top and gaudy!” but that is exactly why we want to show how this is elegant, and how textured drawer fronts really do make a difference.

Tips for Building a Distinguished, Luxury Closet System with Upgrades

Taking on a major project requires a great deal of preparation time- and resource-wise. Without it, simple tasks can become complicated. You may even go over your planned budget, which is a huge inconvenience. To make sure that everything is organized before you start, take the following advice: 

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Make a list 

Lists are always helpful. It gives your project direction. It also helps you focus on the areas with issues that must be addressed. It helps you identify sections that can be enhanced. A list will also keep you within your budget. 

But if you are hiring a professional closet builder to perform the luxury custom closet upgrades, you don’t have to worry about this as they will do the job for you.  

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Check your budget 

Upgrading your luxury closet system costs money, and you do not want to postpone the work until you have enough to fund the completion. Make sure you have enough in your bank before you begin to avoid the risk of running out in the middle of construction. Better yet, talk to a professional closet builder to get an idea of how much the project will cost. Closets Las Vegas will assist you with planning and estimation but will not pressure you to start right away. Your goal is to have an idea of the amount of money you need, as well as the design.    

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Should you hire a professional or DIY? 

Deciding whether you would hire a contractor or do the upgrades on your own is paramount as this would determine your expenditures and timeframe. Assess which aspects of the project you can do without professional help – this works for individuals with specific construction skills – and which you can’t do by yourself. On the other hand, the decision depends on how much you are willing to spend if you are worried about the funding.  

Halving it may seem reasonable if you have some construction skills but not a practical one. In many cases, the contractor may have to redo some of the work you have done for the sake of design coherence. And because a professional works with a blueprint, it is much better to trust their judgment. 

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Trust Las Vegas’ Luxury Closet System Experts to Handle Your Upgrades    

Don’t be afraid to do something new. Luxury closet system upgrades are necessary when it will not only make you happy but also improve the quality of your life. Budget concerns should not weigh you down either as there are great closet builders in Las Vegas that will keep up with it without compromising your closet’s value.  

Closets Las Vegas, for one, is one of the most reputable closet builders that you can count on. Having decades of experience in the closet building industry, you can rely on our team of experts in design and installation. Working with a comprehensive process, our professional and seasoned crew will effectively address areas that need work and provide you sound guidance in terms of design and functionality.  

When it comes to building or upgrading your luxury closet system, Closets Las Vegas will provide you unparalleled service. Visit our showroom or call us and talk to one of our expert closet builders! 

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