Professional Functional Closet Design: A High-End Closet for Women with Careers by Closets Las Vegas

As a professional woman, you take style and functionality seriously. This reflects in the way you dress, accessorize, or style your home. And being always on the go, you value productivity, which is why a professional functional closet design for your Las Vegas home is essential.  

Having a busy lifestyle, you can understand how an ordinary day can be chaotic if things are not in order and your environment is not set up for convenience. That’s why you want a walk-in closet custom-built for you.  

With a walk-in closet custom-built for a busy professional like you, you can navigate your own space without hassle. You know where to get your things so you can get dressed faster and easier. And this walk-in closet for Her in a model home in Overlook Community is one you would surely envy. 

Built by Closets Las Vegas, the city’s premier and renowned closet builder, this walk-in closet oozes with style and functionality. Let us give you a walkthrough…    

A Model Walk-In Closet for Her with Functional Elements

This professional functional closet design has compact clothes shelves and more hanging space with curved corner rods for smooth gliding.

A small space may be the one thing that’s holding you back from building a walk-in closet, but this is not a problem for an expert closet builder. This walk-in closet for Her in a model home in Overlook will prove that.  

TriPointe Homes partnered with Closets Las Vegas to create an elegant professional functional closet design for active and stylish women. It aims to please the eye and provide ease even while on the go. Because of the closet’s elegant interior and functionality features, dressing up would be fun and no time is wasted.   

Compact Clothes Shelves That Don’t Feel Crowded 

As usual, you have the regulars: long-hang shelves to keep your gowns and long dresses well-kempt; double hang shelves for blouses, denim, folded slacks, and skirts, among others. This professional functional closet design does not waste space and keeps everything within your reach. Closets Las Vegas made it so every corner adds to the closet: meaning you have storage spaces in the upper half of the corner along with more hanging space in the lower half with our beautiful, curved corner rods.   

Because the corner rods let the hangers glide from side to side, it’s easier for you to browse through. These shelves pack power and can do more than just hang clothes. 

Valet rod and belt rack. Talk about functional closet design! 

The Classica line is famous for its flexibility and upgrades. One of its exciting features is the valet rod tucked on the side to provide an additional hang rod in case you want to ready your attire for later or anything else you may need. Meanwhile, the other end of the long-hang shelf gives you a pull-out belt rack to keep things organized and neat. That means easier access, lesser mess, and more time saved!  

A Fine Dresser Drawer Set for Convenient Storage 

As a professional, you want your stuff to be within your reach because it saves you a great deal of time. That’s what makes this walk-in closet the ideal design for you. Here, everything is accessible. If your dresses and denim are reachable, so are your folded shirts and blouses through the dresser drawer that’s systematically installed in the room’s isle.  

The two-set dresser drawer, which has jewelry inserts, is beneficial if you need additional storage for your accessories and folded clothes. There is also no forgetting to close the drawers properly as they have a soft-closing feature, making it close with one glide, gently and quietly.  

The center island also provides a clean space to lay your stuff.  

More Storage Spaces with the Pigeonholes 

You may think that this professional functional closet design is small, but wait till you see the number of shelves inside. Aside from the shelves and drawers, there are pigeonholes or extra storage spaces above, where you can keep paper bags, shoe boxes, or what have you.  

This closet features shoe shelves with glass doors so you’ll be able to select your footwear at a glance.

Simple and Ample Space for Your Footwear   

You probably have as many shoes as you have clothes, which is a requirement for a busy professional who meets lots of people on different occasions and events. You have shoes for formal events, work shoes, workout shoes, shoes for casual events, etc. Shoes take you places so you want to care for them. In this professional functional closet design, you will find a nice space for your footwear.  

Closets Las Vegas’ team of designers allot a generous space for the slanted shoe shelves with steel fences. You won’t run out of storage for everyday and luxury footwear because you have two columns with seven layers of shoe racks to enjoy. 

Hidden Hamper That Is As Ready to Go As You Are  

If you like things tidied up, the hidden pull-out hamper provides a neat container for used clothes. It’s also portable so you’re always ready to pick up the bags when you need to take them to the laundromat. 

Swiveling Mirror, Space-Saver, Smooth Service   

So, the shelves have glass doors and you think there’s no more space left for one of the most important elements in your professional efficient closet design. But look further. The swiveling mirror that’s resting above the hamper on the right side of the room will excite you.  

Yes, it swivels. It’s set up this way to save space while still allowing you to have a full view of your outfit for the day. Just glide the mirror to the right where the space is ample. Since the closet has limited space, a big block of heavy mirror would eat space and get in your way; a small mirror won’t be enough, on the other hand, as you need to see how you look from head to toe.   

More About Design! Using the Classica Product Line and Earth Color Palette 

As always, Closets Las Vegas has gone above and beyond in terms of interior. Overall, this walk-in closet oozes smart and chic design choices.  

Closets Las Vegas’ Classica Product Line is the Best Choice  

People love to use earth colors for their modern homes. If you are also a fan of contemporary design, this Overlook model home will surely be your favorite. White and gray are the dominant colors for the entire house. As color harmony is important in creating the perfect design, Closets Las Vegas decided that the color Driftwood Live and Century Gray would be the best option.  

For one thing, both colors look elegant for any part of the home. The team used Century Gray for the shelves, and Driftwood Live for the closet door frames, and drawer fronts.

The glass door feature can help you select your footwear easier, and add design to your closet when you put your shoes on display!

Glass Doors 

Some people prefer solid wood to glass doors, but for this professional functional closet design, Closets Las Vegas decided to use the latter. It’s not just an arbitrary design choice of course. For one thing, it will save a great deal of time if you can see through the shelves’ contents rather than open one door to another just to see inside. It makes finding your stuff easier and fast–talk about productivity.  

The team is big on aesthetics, too, so we used Driftwood Live color for the frame, creating a rich and balanced design that radiates through the entire household.   

If You Are Always On-the-Go, You Deserve Your Own Professional Functional Closet Design for Your Las Vegas Home 

Some people may think, “It’s just a closet!” without realizing how a well-crafted professional functional closet design matters. If you are a professional who doesn’t like wasting time, you would understand the benefits of it. An elegant and efficient closet design allows you to get ready for the daily hustle without the stress of going to and fro just to find a shirt. It is easier and faster to prepare for the day when things around you are organized.   

But functionality and beauty should not outweigh each other. Both things are essential characteristics of a walk-in closet. Amidst your active routines, you deserve to enjoy a classy professional functional closet design, and Closets Las Vegas guarantee you will have the closet of your dream. 

Closets Las Vegas has completed numerous walk-in closets for different homes and our proven track record makes our team your best partner in achieving top-quality walk-in closet designs. Our team is always happy to help anyone with specific walk-in wardrobe needs.    

Book a free consultation today and see our bestselling, high-quality product lines. We can give you an idea of how we can build a stylish and efficient walk-in closet design for you.