Our most frequently asked questions are listed below, and as always if you have any other questions, you can call, text, email or come on by

How much do your closet storage systems cost?

Far less than any comparable competitor. However, because we offer four different product lines, it depends on your selection. Simple Shelf and Rod is a budget-friendly alternative to the look and stability of old-school wooden shelf and rod. Lifetime Wire Shelving – which includes our continuous hanger slide (even in the corners) is the most affordable, and can average $200-$600 for a typical walk-in closet. (Less for reach-in closets). It’s also made with up to 50% more steel and at a cost that is often considerably less than what you would pay for weaker products at a Big Box store. freedomRail adjustable closet systems depend on your needs and the number and type of components you choose, and will typically range between $500 to $1,500. What’s great about freedomRail is that you can also take it with you when you move – so this investment does not have to stay in the home where it’s originally installed. Furniture-grade Classica is a built-in system that can run from $1,500 to upwards of $10,000 depending on the size of your closet and the features selected. Unlike comparable products, it includes adjustable features that give you flexibility. Classica is a permanent addition to your home, and considered an upgrade item that will add to its value. Do-It-Yourselfers can save even more by designing their system and purchasing Simple Shelf and Rod, Lifetime Wire and freedomRail systems directly from Closets Las Vegas. We’ll cut, package, even deliver your order – and also show you how to install it. * Note that prices indicated above are general, ball-park estimates based on typical closet designs and sizes.


Why should I choose Closets Las Vegas?

There’s no doubt, you have choices when it comes to your closet company. But when you’re shopping around for your best options, you should be asking every company you visit these questions:What closet styles do you offer? We have 4 completely different product lines – for every need and every budget. What do they cost? You’ll see the complete parts list and cost of every component for your closet. And we’ll help you design the perfect closet and stay on-budget. How strong are your products? All 4 of ours are the strongest and most reliable on the market – and our patented installation system guarantees your closet will NEVER fall off the wall. What’s your warranty? Our wire systems are warranted for life; our wood systems are guaranteed for 10 years; and our labor is warranted forever. Are your products “green”? Ours are. 99% recycled materials, CARB-compliant, LEED-rated, no VOCs, AND made in the U.S.A. What about service? All we can say about that is – if you find a company that cares more about doing it right and making it right if we don’t, then we’d love to meet them. Our USA manufacturer’s history goes back over 95 years. Click here to read the whole story


Why shouldn’t I just wait and install my new closets after I move into my new home?

Our short answer: Because doing it before moving in eliminates the pain of inconvenience, mess, and expense. If you’ve ever torn out a closet system before, you already know what we’re talking about. If you haven’t, here’s how it works: You start removing your existing closet parts. If it’s wood plank and pole, get out your pry-bar and cover your furniture, because you’re about to make a big mess with drywall dust flying everywhere. If it’s a wire or other system, the odds are the previous installers used anchors that are about to leave nice big holes in your wall. You remove all your clothes and belongings from your closet, often having to place them all over your bed or furniture (we won’t even mention ‘wrinkling’ yet). Once you’ve removed the old closet, now it’s time for repairs: Drywall Patching Re-texturing (and hoping you match the original) Re-painting (you saved that extra paint, right?) And finally – if you’ve done all this yourself, you might have saved a few bucks – but you lost an entire weekend. “Sorry, kids! Daddy was too busy to go to the lake!” (Did we also mention that extra dry cleaning cost for the clothes that got wrinkled and dusty from the drywall mess?) Finally – it’s time to put in your new closet. Of course, if you had installed your upgrades BEFORE you closed escrow on your home, Closets Las Vegas would have been able to apply the cost of your standard closet to the upgrades you wanted to include. But that option has passed you by, so we have to start from scratch. It’s an unpleasant scenario, to say the least. And ultimately costs you time and money that you could have saved by having it all done during construction.


How long does it take?

Lifetime Ventilated Wire is in-stock and can be installed within 5 days. For buyers with existing closet systems, Closets Las Vegas can remove your old system for you – and after you have made the necessary drywall and paint repairs, we’ll install your Lifetime closet for you. For full-service on freedomRail and Classica (which means we meet with you, design your closet, order materials, and install) – it is typically a 2-3 week process. From the time deposit is received, it is approximately 3-4 days to process the order plus 10 days for shipping – which means we will normally have your product in our warehouse and ready for installation within 14 days of deposit. Do-It-Yourselfers can design and order materials from us, and we will normally receive the order within 7-10 days. However, be sure to plan ahead for tear-out of your existing closet system (if you have one) and make the necessary drywall patching and painting repairs during that time – so when the parts arrive, you’re ready to go!


Why do I need to go to your showroom before you come to my house?

Because we offer 4 completely different product lines – each with distinct features, benefits and advantages. We’ve discovered that often what our customers ‘thought’ they wanted, turns out to be something completely different. (Competitive prices have a way of doing that!) Here in our showroom, you can see, touch and experience the wide variety of styles, components, and colors to choose from. Plus, we’re able to take your closet dimensions, input them into our proprietary 3D software program, and help you design, re-design, tweak, and adjust your closet features until they’re just right – for your needs AND your budget. By visiting our showroom and experiencing the many closets we have to offer, it gives you a clear picture of what we’ll be discussing when we meet with you at your home. Once the design is finalized, then we come to your home to get exact measurements and confirm that your selections are appropriate for your space. (By the way, our products can be mixed-and-matched, too – one more reason to see them up-close-and-personal.)


What do I need to do before your installers arrive?

Clean out your closet entirely. Remove any existing plank and pole or other closet system, patch and paint if necessary. If you need assistance with removing your existing closet system, we can help with that, too. In fact, we’ll be happy to do the tear-out, hauling off, and patching your drywall – however, texture and paint touch-up must be done by the homeowner.


What kind of warranty do you offer?

Organized Living products are made to be durable and versatile enough to last a lifetime. Organized Living freedomRail and Classica are backed with a 10 year warranty. And, as the name suggests, Lifetime Ventilated has a lifetime warranty, proving it’s the strongest available. The best part? We’re so confident of our installation that we warranty it for life on all our products. (Only at Closets Las Vegas, folks!)