Find Out How You Can Have Your Dream Closet with a

Custom Closet Builder in Las Vegas

It is rare (if not impossible) to find a custom closet builder in Las Vegas that works like Closets Las Vegas. Other companies end up delivering underwhelming designs with a hefty price tag and providing stressful customer service that leaves you with a head full of gray hairs.  

Other closet builders in Las Vegas may show you a dream closet design, only to have their proposed price and stubborn unwillingness to match your budget crush your dreams. And for the ones that finally relent to compromise, you often sacrifice quality, your needs, and you end up having problems with your closet a few years down the road! 

Closets Las Vegas saw too many customers experiencing these dilemmas with other companies, and decided to take action. The company hosts a team of enthusiastic professionals with years of experience and unrivaled skills. The time spent with a great mentor like Joe developed their passion for crafting the best custom closet you can have in your Las Vegas home.  

Count their expertise and experience as their best asset but what sets them apart from other closet builders in Las Vegas is the way they handle every project and treat their customers. “We do things differently,” says Joe, and we are about to find out something larger than the largest walk-in closet ever made.

What Sets Closets Las Vegas Apart? 

Both homeowners and builders find Closets Las Vegas a distinguished closet builder in Las Vegas who brings a lot to the table. This is what makes us a preferred developer of custom closets in town. And it did not happen overnight. It took the company many years to build a good reputation in the industry and perfect our process.  

What drives the team is customer satisfaction, so we developed a structure that benefits you as a client and the team as well.  

First-Hand Experience: You Get to Touch and Feel Your Closet Before Buying It!  

Wouldn’t you be disappointed if your dream closet turned out to be different from how you pictured it would be? Sadly, this is a common issue that may also happen to you if you commission an average company with an unrefined process. Closet builders without a comprehensive process only promise guesswork. And such a deal poses risk to your hard-earned money and your closet design.  

This has become a common practice in the industry, so Closets Las Vegas decided to step up and change the game. Instead of letting you guess what your closet will look like, we physically walk you through it! We’ve set up a showroom where all of our four product lines are displayed. If you visit the shop with your closet’s approximate measurements, we’re able to create a more accurate and realistic custom closet design together.   

Rather than discuss it over the phone or exchange emails, our team prefers that you drop by personally. Our showroom allows you to see and touch the actual materials, designs, sizes, shapes, and colors, and help you get a clear picture of the finished product. Seeing the actual product will help you understand the advantages and downsides.  

We guarantee that this system will help you choose the products that you want. Sixteen years and over 14,000 clients later, the company found that giving clients a first-hand experience leads to accuracy on their part and 100% satisfaction on the clients’. 

You Control Your Budget  

Discussing budget matters with most closet builders in Las Vegas is often uncomfortable. And they can be indifferent when it comes to your budget. Some of them would even encourage you to spend more. This makes it uncomfortable to discuss financial matters with them.   

On the other hand, we at Closets Las Vegas, never push our clients to spend more. Instead, we make you realize how the closet design you want is achievable with your set budget. How? 

Once we have organized your concept into a drawing or a 3D rendering, we will also be able to determine the overall cost of the project. We use a software that automatically calculates the price of each segment of the closet and gives us the sum. If the total cost is bigger than your budget, we can take out segments that you are comfortable removing. This will give us the calculation in real-time so you can see the total.  

This will also give you a clear picture of how your dream closet will look like even with some parts of your original design missing. We will design it in such a way that you can later add the parts removed when the funds become available again.  

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