Are Your Closets Still Living In The 90’s?

Maybe it’s time for a change?

Do you just have closets – or do you have closet storage solutions? Home designs change – but for some reason, closets just haven’t kept up. Even today, many new homes are built with the same old wood shelf and pole . . . even in the master closet (gasp! can you believe it?!). Closets Las Vegas works with the finest builders in Southern Nevada to offer closet storage systems that are installed before you get the keys. But if yours isn’t one of them, that’s okay. We’re always here to bring your closets up to your “dream” level anytime.

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Why Closets Las Vegas?

We’re unique among our competition because we offer four lines of closet products that fit the needs of every design and budget. Our Lifetime Ventilated Wire shelving is the strongest you can buy, with a patented no-fail installation system that we’re so sure of – we warrant the product and our installation for life. Our Classica wood product lines offer components that are moveable and adjustable – allowing users to move, raise, and lower shelves and closet rods – while our freedomRail closet storage system can even be completely mobile and move with you to your next home.



We Hear You

We follow a pretty simple rule here:  You’re the boss. And by that, we mean that we make an extra effort to truly hear you and understand your needs. We don’t want to ‘sell’ you a product just because we have it in stock. We want to be sure it’s what you want, what you need, and it’s priced right – because that’s the only way you’re going to love it. And it’s important to us that you DO love your closet storage system, so we really listen. Turning that pretty picture in your head into the dream closet that you’ll love forever – it’s just how we do things – sharing our passion for closets one customer at a time.


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We Get It Right

For over 15 years, owner Joe Ferraro has operated with a distinct philosophy: That getting your closets organized should be fun and affordable – and you should never have to worry about their performance. With our state-of-the-art, interactive design tools, experienced designers, highly trained installers, and our unique quality control processes – we’ve built a reputation for on-time and failure-free installations that is nearly legendary in our industry. With over 9,500 homes installed (70,000+ closets),  Closets Las Vegas is proof that things can be done right the first time.