This Elegant and Functional Walk-In Pantry Design Will Inspire You to Use Darker Colors!

If you are a homeowner in Las Vegas who is passionate about home organization, you never miss a detail for sure. You know when it’s time to give your walk-in pantry design a revamp. But, turning your walk-in pantry from a messy and boring kitchen extension into a bodacious workspace may take time if you are short on ideas and skillful manpower. Sometimes, it is not a question of how much money you are willing to shell out but the value of the result you will get.

When aiming for a stylish and functional walk-in pantry design, you need a solid plan and a team of people who share your fervor; people who have the experience, skills, and creativity to upgrade your walk-in pantry design with contemporary style.


A Walk-In Pantry Design That’s Perfect for Any Modern Las Vegas Home


walk in pantry design with painted glass cabinet for ravenwood las vegas home

It is not common for pantries to look fabulous. Often, it’s treated as just an additional space next to or in the kitchen to store the goods, and it’s typically messy. Some people even call it the ‘dirty kitchen.’ However, homeowners who have a passion for style see it differently. No matter the size, the pantry should be just as welcoming and less-stressful as the dining or living room.

But making a walk-in pantry design a dream room takes creativity, skills, and a good sense for home styling. If you have the budget, why not build a walk-in pantry design that you would be proud of?

Closets Las Vegas’ Walk-In Pantry Design is Show-off Worthy

As a premier closet builder in town, Closets Las Vegas bring homeowners the closets of their dreams, but walk-in pantries are also a specialty. The team has accomplished several projects for model homes, the latest being this model home in Ravenwood. In this home, the pantry is one to behold.

Walk in Pantry Design Las Vegas

This Ravenwood Pantry Model Home is one of the modern designs and specialties of Closets Las Vegas. An elegant yet functional walk-in pantry design for your home.

Drawer fronts and cabinet doors made of painted glass

Typically, the materials used in creating shelves and cabinets are wood or concrete. This time, Closets Las Vegas decided to up the ante and integrated glass material into the woodworks. It may not be obvious at first but the drawer fronts and cabinets doors are made of painted glass, which is what makes this pantry stunning and unique.

It is true that glass material is easy to break, but Closets Las Vegas chose a team of artisans who know how to handle such sensitive material. The holes needed to be drilled into the glass with the utmost care and precision so that the steel handles would rest flawlessly.

Its deep blue shade, which has to be painted behind the glass, looks perfect against a bright backdrop. It is also a systematic way of avoiding rapid wear and tear. The aluminum frames are also important as they give the pantry a contemporary feel.

Steel baskets for a versatile storage solution

Filling the shelves are pretty steel baskets. Aside from its beautifying qualities, these hardware accessories provide additional storage and making this walk-in pantry design a versatile storeroom. The steel material obviously enhances the modern theme.

They can serve as food containers, but you can also use them for other purposes. The steel baskets also provide quick access to some of the essential kitchen stuff. These are most useful when in a rush as you don’t have to scour the whole area to find what you need.

Lighting for easy access

The LED lighting that surrounds the bottom of the cabinet gives the pantry’s design a boost. It’s also an essential feature as it makes for easier navigation. Even the cabinets’ interiors have their own lighting system. Whether you are looking for spices, canned goods, or junk foods, you won’t have a hard time reaching for them.

Spruce Up Your Pantry with Contemporary Design Ideas with Help from Experts

walk in pantry with painted glass drawers and pull out baskets for ravenwood las vegas home

Giving your walk-in pantry design a makeover will surely make a huge difference in the way you do things around the kitchen. Food preparation becomes a breeze and you will forget the crazy Las Vegas weather when working in style.  

Achieving a life-changing result is possible when you team up with a top-notch company that will take care of your new design as you would. Closets Las Vegas will not only give your concept justice but will also make sure your stay on budget.   

As a leading closet builder in Las Vegas, we make things possible by following a thorough design and building process without leaving you behind. Your satisfaction is our top priority so you can guarantee full involvement in the project.  

Our team of experts will guide you from the day you visit our showroom to the day we finish the renovation. When you present your design concept, we create a digital drawing and let you browse through our four product lines so you can personally see how your closet of walk-in pantry design will look. Afterward, we will discuss the building process with a set timeframe. Our goal is for you to enjoy the results that come with a lifetime warranty.  

We can get started at the soonest time possible. Make an appointment or just drop by our showroom for product viewing, and our friendly staff will take care of all your needs. Better yet, give us a call today!