Building a Luxury Walk-In Closet for a High-End
Summerlin Builder Home in Las Vegas

If your life is busy, you  have a limited amount of time to spend on prepping in the morning. You need a space where you can iron and organize your clothes, so you don’t scramble when preparing for your day.

Luxury Walk in Closet Las Vegas

Whether you are a step-up homebuyer, a young professional, or a first-time homebuyer, your busy schedule demands a luxury closet that makes getting ready and out of the house easy. You can enjoy the benefits of an upgraded walk-in closet whether you are buying a new home or looking to renovate your current closet space.

Carefully thought out closet design is a necessity whether you are a professional who is always on-the-go or a style-sensitive homebuyer who likes to step things up. In this case, think long-term. Create a large luxury walk-in closet in Summerlin that will be a valuable part of your time every day.  

Large luxury Walk in Closet Las Vegas

Closets Las Vegas sat down with a local, high-end home builder in Summerlin to discuss the details of the luxury, walk-in closet design in their Las Vegas model home project. Joe’s team started working on the drawing and 3D rendering, materials, and installation. The result–a high-end master closet, that speaks to luxury, efficiency, and elegance for an on-the-go business professional.

Everything You Want in a Luxury His and Hers Walk-in Closet in Summerlin Can be Found in this Project

For this project, Closets Las Vegas and its builder client shared the same vision in terms of ‘luxury.’ Such a huge enterprise needs careful planning and precise execution. The project was for a $750,000 model home where a luxury closet design was a necessity for potential buyers. Joe and his team made sure that each closet, as well as the pantry, has the exact measurements and is installed error-free. 

Four sets of eyes oversaw the completion of the project. Careful work and creativity made this luxury closet design a work that the neighborhood would envy.

luxury his and hers walk in closet Las Vegas

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A Master Closet Design that Makes Your Life Easier and More Exciting 

This Nova Ridge model home deserves the best luxury closet design – minimal yet sophisticated and fully functional.  Everything you want in a closet can be found here, where everything is easily accessible. Closets Las Vegas made sure that no space is wasted, adding shelves and drawers for convenience.

Closets Las Vegas’ Luxury Walk-In Closet Has It All!  

The team wanted a luxury walk-in closet that would not only look stylish but will also contribute to productivity. The master closet design combines the Classica and freedomRail product lines.

Entering through the glass swing door, three columns of 84-inch high long-hang shelves will welcome you. To the right are four panels of double-hang shelves with two top shelves. To maximize the space, a five-row corner shelf was added between the long hang-and double-hang cabinets. This entry section alone already sports plenty of storages in Cypress Live finish.

Aside from the belt and tie racks, there are additional shelves, hamper, and pull-out ironing board to make sure everything is organized.


For this model home project, Closets Las Vegas installed a 12-volt lighting system in  the ceiling following the walkway. Each piece of puck lighting casts a warm white shade, complimenting the wood flooring as well as the Classica shelves.   

Meanwhile, an exclusive set of interconnected lighting systems illuminates the shoe racks that makes visiting this discreet section a treat. Recessed lighting bars are placed around the racks, which have system holes on the side for adjusting the shelves.  

Closets Las Vegas chose a sophisticated lighting system, which is operated by remote control for a six-channel receiver.  

Luxury shoe rack in a master closet design 

You probably love shoes as much as you love clothes or bags if you are a woman or a man of style. In this luxury closet that runs from floor to a few inches off the ceiling, your shoes are taken care of more than in a boutique. Closets Las Vegas’ luxury shoe rack installation for this model home has glass doors with panel lighting.  

Each rack, which slants a few degrees forward, rests in five columns that measure 14 inches wide and 16 inches deep per shelf. Plexo glass shoe fences were fixed in front of the shelves to keep the shoes from falling. For a few dozen pairs of shoes for you and your partner, these are more than enough. 

Upgrade to a Luxury, Walk-In Closet and Improve Your Life!  

If you are on the go and understand time is money, a wardrobe with limited functionality can end up costing you time and money! This is why you should upgrade to a luxury, walk-in closet. Joe and the Closets Las Vegas team promise to build beautiful, high-quality, and functional closets no matter the price so you can keep up with the demands of your busy schedule.  

Closets Las Vegas can make a custom walk-in closet something to look forward to in the morning or anytime you need to get dressed.

If you are looking to have a master closet design of your own, we can help you! We invite you to visit our shop and browse through our product lines. Budget concerns should not hold you back from having one built in your home especially if Closet Las Vegas is involved. A part of our service is to help you design your closet according to your budget. Give us a call to schedule an appointment or drop by our showroom anytime!