His and Hers Closet Design: Together But Separate (?) in this Sandalwood Model Home

Many couples want their own his and her walk-in closet design for their home, each space having its own unique flavor in a contemporary setting. You want a closet that matches your taste and style, packed with productivity features, and beautiful to the eye. 

You can have that kind of his and her walk-in closet design. But over time, you may want to change things a bit to make it more convenient for you. The sizes of the shelves, for one thing, may no longer accommodate your growing clothes collection. That can happen for the shoe shelves as well. If your closet is fixed, you won’t be able to make any adjustments.  

As days go, your needs may change and not being able to match your current requirements can be frustrating. Wouldn’t it be nice if your his and her walk-in closet can meet your lifestyle’s demands?   

A good example would be this Sandalwood Model Home’s His and Her Walk-In Closet design made by Closets Las Vegas. Check out this contemporary work of art that you can incorporate in your own homes! 

Wooden Shoe Shelves for a His and Hers Walk-In Closet Design Idea 

Medium-Sized Beauty with Lots of Room for Him and Her

It seems that darker shades are a trend, but this his and her walk-in closet design will outlast the trend. The color combination is just perfect for the home’s contemporary theme.   

The team built two separate closets – one for him and one for her – with the same color palette. Don’t let the colors fool you. Gray might give you the impression that it’s a masculine color, but it can also be a favorite among women. For this walk-in closet design, Closets Las Vegas made gray work for both partners. It can be a His or Her closet or a His and Her, depending on how the client wants to use them.  


The eight-foot closet boasts of a roomy concept without making it feel crowded. Apart from the top and bottom hang, there’s more room on top, which serves as extra storage for other stuff. Other features include:  

Shoe Shelves   

The walk-in closet’s design is elegantly straightforward, which is a trademark of a contemporary theme. On the left is the eight-layer, four-foot wall shoe shelves with steel fences. Made of sturdy wood panels, it has a lot of room for shoes that you can display your shoes by category. It can even hold several pairs of shoes for him and her if you and your couple are using the same closet. 

freedomRail Shelving System for a Contemporary Walk-In Closet Design   

freedomRail is used for this his and hers walk in closet design.

Flexibility is the main attraction of this contemporary his and her walk-in closet design since it uses the freedomRail product line. freedomRail is a popular choice for its versatility when it comes to structure. This means adjustments can be made as the clients see fit.  

The top shelf is removable for those who want to make way for bigger items. You can also adjust the rods if you want your clothes at level with your height. Don’t worry about the distracting rail slots. You can move the shelves and rods around without these little holes showing.  

The long-hang and double-hang on the left side of the wall have adjustable panels if you want to make room for a specific set of clothing. Browsing through your outfit is also a breeze because of the rounded-corner rods.  


One might think that a closet as beautiful as this Sandalwood design took time and a lot of manpower. But, the process of building it is simple, yet everything turned out remarkable. Also, it would be unbelievable that such a classy piece of art is affordable. How? 

Closets Las Vegas is a His and Her closet company that lets you roll the payment right into your loan so you don’t have to pay spot cash. Not only is the whole design flexible, but the payment terms too!  

Have Your His and Her Walk-In Closet Design Built with Style for Your Master BedroomView of his side of the closet with double hang closet rods and shelves.

A contemporary walk-in closet design is one of the most exciting and satisfying features of your home. If you are looking to have one built for your master bedroom, make sure to pick a product that is not only an eye-candy but also functional and flexible. In the long, run, you would realize the value of flexibility especially when you want to change things occasionally according to your needs or mood.  

Worry not if you are tight on budget. Just choose a His and Her closet company that would make payment easy for you. Closets Las Vegas would build you the closet of your dreams while giving you a pressure-free payment plan.  

Now, the His and Her closet that you used to imagine is within your reach. This means it’s time to reach out to Closets Las Vegas to find out how you can achieve this.  

Our team of expert closet builders will create the walk-in closet design that you want. We have five product lines that you can check out in our showroom. Our long years in the business and a proven track record will assure you that your project is in good hands.  

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