Minimalist Closet Idea? Walk-In Closet-Laundry Room Combo by Closets Las Vegas

Nowadays, most people find ways to be more productive, especially those with a busy lifestyle. They have a home to take care of aside from their profession. If you are one of the many who share the same predicaments, you understand how important productivity is.

Practical homeowners want their houses to be functional and stylish at the same time. So, don’t be surprised to see an elegant walk-in closet with many features in a small space or a walk-in closet-laundry room combo connected to the main bedroom.

If you’ve always wanted a laundry room and closet combo, this minimalist closet idea by Closet Las Vegas will amaze you. With no fancy decor and complicated designs, this walk-in closet is perfect for you who lead a fast-paced lifestyle or want less stress!

Minimalist Walk-In Closet-Laundry Room Combo: A Simple Design That Offers a Lot    

Maybe carrying dirty clothes to the laundry room is no big deal for some, but it can be time-consuming for a busy person like you. Add up all the minutes you have to bring the laundry baskets to and fro, and you will realize the amount of time you could have spent doing other tasks. With a room for laundry in the walk-in closet, your weekends become more convenient, and it would be a joy to wash and press.   

In a model home in Homestead Ranch in Century Homes Community, Closets Las Vegas built a walk-in closet that will surely appeal to people like you who fancy minimalism and productivity. This closet is a 7-ft high installation offering lots of storage spaces and an incredible home organization experience. Just a few steps from the hallway, the walk-in closet is connected to the laundry area where you can wash and then keep your clothes without moving too far. Check out Closets Las Vegas latest walk-in closet-laundry room combo project and be inspired.   

Laundry Room and Walk in Closet Combo Featuring Classica Snowdrift Live 

It’s hard to underestimate the minimalist theme of this closet when it’s composed of Closets Las Vegas’ Classica product line, Snowdrift Live variation. Classica is not only the strongest wood system on the market but also one of the most versatile. This allows you to modify your closet according to your needs anytime you feel like it.   

Snowdrift Live is the perfect choice for its elegant finish. So, even if the design is simple and straightforward, the closet would not fail to impress. 

Enjoy the Adjustable Rods and Double-Hang Shelves…Lots of Them! 

The double-hang shelves are one of this walk-in closet-laundry room combo’s most noteworthy features. Look around, and you will find lots of them! Several shelves with adjustable hanging rods fill the entire room, so you wouldn’t run out of space even if your clothes collection grows. This closet system allows you to add shelves or incorporate other valuable features like tie racks.  

The additional pull-out valet rod comes in handy when you need a holder for tomorrow’s outfit, to pack for your trip, or readying some stuff for dry cleaning.       

Keep Fold-in Clothes and Accessories in Soft-Close Drawers 

A walk-in closet will only be complete with drawers. If you can leave most of your clothes out in the open, you can neatly tuck fold-in shirts, blouses, denim, and undergarments inside the drawers with soft-close door dampers to avoid accidental slamming.  

The top drawers are the perfect spot for jewelry and other accessories. No accessories? That’s fine. Use this space as regular storage for stuff you don’t like lying around.       

The Neat-Looking Off-the-Floor Shelving Design Ups the Ante 

Fans of minimalist design will find this walk-in closet’s off-the-floor design very appealing. The space at the bottom can serve as additional storage for more clothes, bags, shoes, and other stuff. Just add another layer of shelf, and you’re good to go. You can also leave it open for laundry baskets to keep things more organized.  

But this style is not just for storage purposes. It also makes cleaning the room more manageable, whether you install tiles or carpet for flooring. With no wood base under which dust and particles may collect, you are free to tidy up in minutes, saving you more time for other household or work matters.    

But Wait! There’s More! Top Shelves for More Items 

Consider this walk-in closet-laundry room combo a gift that keeps on giving. As if the multitude of shelves is not enough, you still have additional repository up top for items you rarely use or anything you need to organize. These additional storage spaces are located above the shelves, segmented to help you with archiving. 

Enjoy A Stress-Free Lifestyle with Your Minimalist Walk-In Closet and Laundry Room Combo

Doing house chores when you’re not in the office can drain your energy. Give yourself a break! You deserve to enjoy the simple things in life, such as a walk-in closet-laundry room combo. You won’t believe how this small modification can impact your lifestyle in a big way. Some can do away with a few minutes of sacrifice, going from the closet to the laundry room and back. But eventually, they would feel the weight of the task and wish they also had a laundry in their main closet.   

A laundry room and closet combo will be one the best things you can produce from your hard-earned money. Work with people who know how to design a minimalist walk-in closet and laundry room combo properly.  

Closets Las Vegas is a premier closet company with years of experience bringing big and small walk-in closets and shelving systems to life. Whether you want one for your main bedroom, kitchen, wine cellar, office, or garage, trust to see a stunning and elegant outcome better than you imagined.  

Our team can discuss your walk-in closet concept with you and recommend the best and most cost-effective products. Just give us a call or visit our website for more information.