Even before they became a trend, custom walk-in closets have been the organizational system of choice among smart and stylish homeowners like you. Because of its many features that you can benefit from, a custom walk-in closet proves to be better than standard wardrobes. Why? Because standard wardrobes offer limited space and lack of customization. Over time, as your clothing and accessories accumulate, standard wardrobes become cluttered, and you start having difficulty locating items.

In contrast, custom walk-in closets offer a superior solution by maximizing space utilization and providing tailored storage solutions. With adjustable shelves, specialized compartments, and personalized layouts, custom walk-in closets ensure efficient organization and easy access to all your belongings.

True enough, Closets Las Vegas delivers some of the industry’s most remarkable custom walk-in closets. In fact, our Primary Closet project for Model Vinci by Bella Strada (located in Lake Las Vegas) is a breathtaking example of craftsmanship that our team of experts have been practicing for many years. Take a look and be awed.

Custom Walk-In Closets: A Look at The Stunning Vinci Primary Closet

This custom walk in primary closet project is located in Bella Strada’s new home model Vinci. While the color palette gives off a traditional vibe, the design is unmistakably modern with the refined interior lighting system, glass doors, ample shelves, cabinetry, and other features!

This 8-ft installation in a 10-ft ceiling space with minimal design creates a relaxing and elegant atmosphere that lets you prep-up like a true style icon. All doors and drawers, interior and exterior, match colors and the materials used are guaranteed to be of premier quality.

Charming Drawers and Closets with Glossy Grain Drawer Fronts and Doors

One of the things that make this custom walk in closet exceptional is the dresser drawers with custom book-matching light tree grain. This means that the grain on each drawer face leads into the next, making the entire closet front look like one connected texture. Running down the drawers’ front faces, the grain design gives an impression of harmony and elegance.

Don’t let the looks fool you. If you think that the design of the drawers is all for show, you’re mistaken. Keeping true with the concept of functionality, the dresser drawers offer a generous space for folded clothes and other apparel – underwear, scarves, socks, etc. If you need space for some of your accessories, the drawers are a good place to keep them neatly organized.

In addition, the 19-in deep 10 in tall drawers with soft-close feature provides more chic storage, which is perfect if you have a lot to organize. The drawers have flat faces and meet at the edges with finger-pull handles, keeping the overall look of the closet sleek.

The same material within the drawers was used as the exterior making it a powerful cache for your ample collection.

Sensational Framed Glass Doors

The welcoming three-paneled glass doors encased in wood frames give homeowners a peek of the custom walk-in closet’s contents. For this custom walk-in closet, two types of large doors were utilized – black aluminum and mirrored doors.

The high-end black aluminum doors are lightweight and durable so you can expect them to last a long time. This design also makes it damage-proof. The mirrored doors, on the other hand, are made with lacquer-finished walnut.

You think this is all about aesthetics? Well, aside from its robust structure, the closet’s door offers a small reveal, and more glass is seen than frame. Moreover, the doors use finger-pull type at the bottom to keep door face minimalistic around the door frame. They are visually appealing for style conscious individuals who want their custom walk-in closets both modern and traditional.

High-End Walk-In Closets Have Hampers, and So Does This One

If this luxury closet design has spaces for clean clothing and nice accessories, it also has a dedicated spot for used ones. Two pull-out laundry hampers can be found below the corner shelves with book-matching grain design on the door for consistency. If you are meticulous, you would love these hampers, which serve as repository for used clothing, so they are not left lying around after changing. And because they are detachable, you save time from carrying dirty garments to the laundry.

Six-layered Shoe Rack with Aluminum Frame

The six-layer show display rack with sturdy aluminum fencing will keep all your footwear organized and protected.

The shoe rack is guarded by glass doors in lacquered-wood frames that are consistent with the custom walk-in closet’s design. The same goes with the lighting system that gives this space a boutique feel. Functional, elegant, and stylish, anyone would be excited to dress up in such a delightful sight.

Luxury Walk-In Custom Closet That Features a Functional “Disconnected Bench”

This luxury walk-in custom closet has a nice and relaxing ambiance that you wouldn’t mind staying longer. But you can’t remain standing the entire time. Finding footwear matching your attire would be a tiring exercise, too, if you don’t have at least a chair to get the job done easily.

This custom walk-in closet has that covered. The small, disconnected bench will make fitting shoes or clothes comfortable. Since everything in this luxury walk-in custom closet is functional, the bench also has drawers with a design that coordinates with the closet’s luxury shelves.

More Space for Your Display Pieces or Miscellaneous Items (Lighted Display and Storage Chamber)

A staple furniture in custom closet systems is a dresser drawer where folded items can be neatly tucked away. But our clients did not settle for less and instead upped the ante by placing stylish and functional storage furniture. The top half is a multi-layered storage shelf while the bottom half is an elegant dresser drawer. What makes this piece interesting is the lighted display chamber in the middle.

Putting a display slot between the dresser drawer and the shelves is a smart way to spice things up a bit. Here, you can put your prized décor or antique pieces on display, and they would look gorgeous with the interior lit crown molding over it.

But it is not exclusive to displays as it can also work as an additional storage for miscellaneous items. Each individual shelf within the glass space is lit for an enhanced browsing experience.

Efficient Hanging Shelves in a Luxury Walk-In Custom Closet

This luxury closet design is a sophisticated work of art indeed. Behind every glass door is a well-lit hang shelf and storage space. No matter the time of day, you won’t have a hard time browsing through your clothes because of the lighting system installed inside.

Unlike standard wardrobes where space is limited, each shelf in this walk-in closet is spacious, giving your dresses, blouses, and trousers enough room. This way, you won’t have to deal with crumpled sleeves or wrinkled hems.

Have A Custom Walk-In Closet That Fits Your Contemporary Lifestyle and Completes Your Modern Home

Custom walk-in closets are no doubt the best way to organize your clothes and accessories. If you want to enjoy a stress-free, organized environment, luxury walk-in custom closet will be your best friend. The benefits of having a well-built storage system are priceless, especially if you are all about productivity and saving time.

One thing to remember is to choose your custom closet builder to make the most out of your custom walk-in closet. Closets Las Vegas has a proven track record when it comes to creating luxury closet design. Our team specializes in small and large luxury walk-in closets. The size of your space doesn’t really matter. Share your concept with us and we’ll handle the rest.

As always, Closets Las Vegas, a renowned custom closet builder, will make sure to deliver top-tier custom closet systems with durable and versatile luxury shelves. Our goal is to give you a custom walk-in closet that will please your eyes and make your life easier.

Come visit our showroom and check out our premier product lines. Whether you like a traditional or modern luxury closet design, we have the best products to offer. We can also jump on a quick call for your inquiries. Contact us today!