FANTASY GARAGE STORAGE: Custom Storage Systems By Closets Las Vegas

Are you planning to build a house with a cool-looking, modern garage? Or are you looking to upgrade your custom garage storage? Look no further as Closets Las Vegas offers a lot of awesome and budget-friendly choices – from garage storage cabinets to heavy-duty flooring, to other garage essentials that will make your life easier and working a pleasure.

Garage Storage Cabinets That Don’t Disappoint

Your garage is more than just a parking space. These days, most garages are being turned into an official workspace where non-garage articles are stored. Closets Las Vegas understands the design innovations happening and changing needs in the modern world. Thus, we made our line-up of custom garage storage systems that is flexible and updated.

Garage Storage Cabinets Las Vegas

Versatile White Cabinet with Toe-Kick

If you want a garage that looks neat and feels sanitary, our white garage storage cabinets will certainly fit your style. With adjustable shelves to accommodate your organization needs, this white garage cabinet has a high locker door and a toe-kick for added support.

Whether you are storing heavy or light supplies and equipment, you don’t have to worry about the shelves’ capacity as each shelf can hold 150 lbs.

Black Lacquer Custom Garage Storage Las Vegas Homeowners Will Surely Admire

Black is classy and stylish, fitting for a modern garage. But there is more than meets the eye, literally. Our 10-ft high custom garage storage with lacquer finish has a full-piece handle so it runs from top to bottom. This feature makes opening the cabinet easy whether you are searching the top or bottom shelves.

No doubt you can store a wide range of tools and equipment in this innovative garage cabinet. Its space is ample and you get 200 lbs worth of shelves and soft-close drawers.  You can even organize some of your clothes in case you run out of closet space or you just want your apparel to come in handy.

Red is Classy: Garage Shelf Organization with Style

Closets Las Vegas creates garage storage systems that are not only functional but also elegant. A great example of that would be this classy red custom garage storage Las Vegas residents will surely love.

Front the front to the inside, the nice red color is visually satisfying. There’s edge bending on the front and the whole cabinet itself. Looking at the whole design, you would realize that this cabinet saves you a lot of money. That’s because besides its stylish structure, you also get a lot of storage space.

Each shelf can hold 150 lbs. Inside, the shelves use white melamine, a durable material that’s heat, moisture, and stain resistant. So, if you are worried about rust and other damages, this is the perfect storage solution for you.

Gray Garage Cabinet with Motorized Sliding Door

A major feature of this custom garage storage is the motorized sliding door and it’s not just for optics. Closets Las Vegas incorporated this awesome feature for convenience.

SCENARIO 1: Imagine you need to retrieve a tool from your garage cabinet but you couldn’t open its door because the car is in the way. Such a scenario can be annoying and this may cause a delay in your activity. Imagine the hassle of opening the garage door to move your car just to get something. With a custom garage cabinet with a sliding door, you simply press a button and everything becomes instantly accessible.

SCENARIO 2: So, you have multiple cabinets in your garage because you keep lots of tools, equipment, and supplies, big and small. You may be organized but you still can get lost. And if you need something, you will have to open each cabinet to search for it. This can be a huge inconvenience if you don’t have the time and patience. With this garage shelf organization system, you can pop a button and put everything in view, making it easier for you to find your stuff.

If you are concerned about the possible noise, don’t worry. The sliding door operates quietly and sounds as fabulous as it looks.

Expect Long-Lasting, Versatile Garage Storage Systems and Heavy-Duty Steel Cabinetry

custom garage Storage cabinets Las VegasClosets Las Vegas also boasts heavy-duty cabinetry with a stainless stop, guaranteed to stand the test of time. Lay all sharp pieces on top and perform all your tough or intense work without damaging the surface.

Additionally, the compartmentalized drawers have rubber mats on the inside to keep hardware supplies organized neatly.

The drawer handles come in different color variations, too! – yellow, orange, blue, and red. We give you color options so you can mix and match the style of your garage according to your taste.

Familiar Wire Shelving with Extraordinary Qualities

Wire shelving has become a staple in traditional garages. Closets Las Vegas also offers one that’s heavy-duty and dust-resistant. This is perfect for items you want to keep in view for faster access. Store all the items that you use frequently here or install it as a stand-by storage space.

Damage-Proof Flooring That Can Stand The Las Vegas Heat!

Garage Flooring Closets Las VegasFor sure, you have seen your garage flooring suffer during the hot summer days in Las Vegas when tires become vulnerable and messy during parking. The damaging friction not only leaves ugly marks but also weakens the flooring’s surface.

Heavy items and hardware equipment can cause the deterioration of your garage flooring if the coating is poor.

Closets Las Vegas is aware of these garage flooring problems and we want our products to address them. We have come up with three different types of flooring:

  • Partial chip floor
  • Full chip floor
  • Metallic floor

With these top-of-the-line flooring variations, nothing in your home can damage these garage floors and no tire marks would spoil their integrity either. They would surely enhance your garage’s interior especially if you apply the best coating.

And speaking of coating, Closets Las Vegas also has the best in Vegas and they come in different colors to match the color of your cars or walls. The coatings also make mopping or cleaning up easier.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about stubborn stains and skid marks that may ruin your garage’s design.

Slat Wall: Perfect Addition to Your Custom Garagecustom garage cabinets Las Vegas

Are you looking for a way to increase the storage capacity of your garage? Do you want a dedicated space for your workout, sports gears, or other items? Then, the slat wall will be a great garage storage addition! It does not only give you more organizational options, but it can also protect your walls from moisture that can cause mold or mildew formation.

Apart from these, a slat wall adds style to any room and provides better acoustics. It’s an ideal attachment if you also hang out and chill in your garage.

Experience A Versatile, Functional, and Stylish Custom Garage Storage Like Never Before

When it comes to stylish and functional custom garage storage, Las Vegas homeowners will find our selection of high-quality garage cabinetry the best in the city. We make sure that our clients’ lifestyle and storage needs are taken care of by offering a variety of modern garage shelf organization solutions – from garage cabinets to flooring to slat walls, and more.

Closets Las Vegas has its own machinery so we design our own cabinets with our customers’ needs in mind. Our products are not just visually appealing but also efficient and functional.

If you are ready to build or upgrade your garage, we can help you achieve your design goals. Schedule an appointment or drop by our showroom to view our lineup. Give us a call today!