DIY Storage

Do-It-Yourself – Or
We Can Do It For You

DIY storage that saves you time, money and frustration

At Closets Las Vegas, we make it easy to Do It Yourself. We recognize that there are times when adding the cost of installation to your closet may put it juuuuuust out of your reach right now. But if you’re handy – or know someone who is – why not take advantage of that? After all, if it means the difference between a closet you love and no closet at all, we don’t think you should have to go without the dream. That’s why we’re here to help you do it yourself, if you choose. Here’s how:

Step 1

Design Your Closet and Order Parts
  • Design your closet yourself (with our Online Design ToolOr – bring us your ‘stick drawings’ – and we’ll turn it into the closet design of your dreams.
  • See the price of every single component in the design.
  • Print out your parts list.
  • Use that to order only the materials you need (why buy a dozen when you just need 2?).

Step 2

Shipping & Precut
  • Your materials are shipped to our warehouse.
  • Closets Las Vegas will cut and package your order.

Pick up / Delivery
  • Then you can pick up – or we can deliver it for a small fee.
  • We can even help show you how to install it.