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It’s The Little Things

…That are often hardest to find

They say “Good things come in small packages” – but those small things are the easiest to lose track of, too. That’s why our closet drawer organizer comes in so handy. Of course, they’re not much use without the drawers, right? In fact, adding drawer module units to our closet systems has become increasingly popular. It puts your clothes where they belong (in your closet), out of the way, and can even take the place of your bedroom dressers. Better organization = More space for you. Talk about a winning combination.

Who Decided Drawers Belong in the Bedroom?

You never thought about that, did you? Okay, we’ll grant that perhaps a couple hundred years ago, closets weren’t the “norm,” but does it really take that long to achieve a little creative innovation? One of the best things about designing an organized closet system is that you’re maximizing your closet space – sometimes doubling or tripling it – which gives you the option of adding a closet drawer organizer (or several) right inside your closet.

It’s easy to do with our product lines – in wire (Lifetime Ventilated), removable wooden drawer units (freedomRail adjustable), and furniture grade wood built-in drawers (Classica). (Just think about how often you have to walk from your closet to your bedroom dresser. Ack! More time wasted!) We’ll help you solve that problem – and make life even easier.




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