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Innovation is a key influence behind the emergence of modern closet design, which goes beyond the bedroom. We’re talking about avant-garde storage solutions that address the specific needs of homeowners everywhere.

Organization around the house makes the lives of busy and meticulous professionals like you easier to manage despite the daily stress. A modern closet shelving offers ease of navigation; a neatly organized modern luxury closet in your bedroom can save you time that’s better spent on other opportunities. At home, a systematically arranged pantry or even garage can make working a joyful and less demanding experience.

The ever-improving design trends have made storage and preparation easier at home. If you have not yet realized the benefits of modern closet designs, it’s high-time you take a step, little by little. Closets Las Vegas, a premier builder of various smart storage systems, have crafted a wide range of closets for residential and commercial clients. Following are some of the modern closet design ideas to inspire your creativity.

What is Modern Closet Design?

What makes a closet modern? Is it the color combination? The decor? Features? Style? Well, no one element could define ‘modern’ as it’s a combination of these things to create a contemporary masterpiece. The modern closet design hinges on the following:


A minimalist interior design often only includes essential and simple elements. The lines and forms are clean, and the colors are often monochromatic. This approach aims to create an uncluttered and relaxing atmosphere.


Besides aesthetics, modern designs emphasize productivity features that help make life more convenient. These features are often tailored based not just on the homeowner’s daily needs but also on the requirements of the things stored.


Modern closets may highlight functionality, but it doesn’t compromise style and elegance. The colors are coordinated and the materials are polished.


Over time, your storage needs may change. Soon you may require a bigger space for your clothes and accessories. Or you want to modify the shelves for a newer look. Built-in cabinets won’t allow you to do this, but a modern closet shelving system would as they are adjustable. The flexibility of the shelves lets you give your walk-in closet a revamp without spending more. This practical feature is highly favorable to those who are on a budget.

Elements of Modern Closet

Modern closets are the answer to the homeowners’ – who are also professionals – daily needs. With your busy schedule, modern storage spaces can save you a great deal of time. Easy access also won’t add to your stress. Even stay-at-home members of the household can appreciate these characteristics.

Smart shelving systems

As a professional, you spend time away from home meeting different people on different occasions. A modern walk-in closet with full-hang, half-hang, and double-hang shelves will help you prepare for any event with ease. This kind of structure gives you a neat place to separate your shirts, dresses, blouses, and pants in an orderly fashion. It’s up to you if you would like your hanging rods electronic or manual, but for most, the manual already does the trick.

Some shelving systems feature either manual hanging rods, and others have electric pull-out ones.

Boutique-inspired shoe racks behind glass doors

It was enough back then for shoes to have a simple, almost unnoticed rack. Over time, people started to give shoes equal importance. Hence the beautiful shoe cabinets in modern closet spaces that look straight out of a boutique. It’s also now common to have LED lighting and glass doors for a more beautiful display.

Productivity features for added convenience

There are a lot of beneficial additions in a modern closet system. Most modern luxury walk-in closets today include hampers. Pull-out hampers serve as a reservoir for used clothing or bed sheets. Some modern master closets even include a pull-out ironing board or a sliding mirror to save space.

Dramatic lighting

In modern closets, the function of lighting is not just to illuminate dark areas. It also gives the entire room a dramatic effect. But rather than use posh chandeliers, modern closet designs feature discreet puck lights or led lighting bars in many areas including the wardrobe and shoe rack.

How is Modern Closet Design Different From Traditional Closet Design?

The 21st century has taught people to experiment with home designs. Rather than stick to one theme, you have a choice to mix and match. Homeowners often pick a combination of traditional and modern style from the design spectrum. And sometimes, it’s tricky to separate the two design concepts. There are features standard in traditional design that can be used in a modern set-up and vice versa. But what is the difference between a traditional and modern closet design?

Traditional is Always Classy

Traditional designs give you a sense of luxury with elaborate décor and richer color palettes. Elegance and consistency define traditional style. In a traditional walk-in closet, you will likely find art pieces, draperies, and antique furniture giving the room a vintage feel.

Interior design experts emphasize symmetry and curving lines when talking about traditional closet designs. Among the common textures are metal (silver, gold, bronze), leather, and wood. Overall, the traditional closet is elegant and warm.

Modern Closet Design Equals Elegant Simplicity

The modern walk-in closet owes its light and comfy feel to the neutral palette and use of natural light.  Even the darker shades offer a relaxing and spacious ambiance if done right. Such an environment is what you need to forget the stressful day ahead or after work.

But it’s not just the colors. Homeowners lean towards uncluttered spaces that could provide them a respite. Add the convenience that the functionality features offer. These features can range from ample storage to adjustable shelves to anything that may be essential to your daily needs.

Modern, Walk-in Closet Design Examples For Your Bedroom

Having a convenient place to access your personal belongings is a great stress-reducer. Creating a modern master closet that is functional keeps your routine on schedule. It also saves you time from rifling through your clothes or accessories.     

Professionals especially those who are always on the go can appreciate the accessibility and available space for prepping up fast – things that are available in modern closet for him and for her. 

Check out some of our modern closet design projects below, and the features that make them shine. 

A Custom Walk-In Closet For Him That Captures the Modern Spirit 

This modern walk-in closet design for Him by TriPointe Homes in Overlook community is the kind of closet that would make the man of the house excited. The simple lines and monochromatic color palette already give this closet a modern take; the character, functional and flexible, perfect for professionals who are always on the go.  

Aside from the generous storage spaces for shirts and accessories, it offers a flexible double-hang shelving system that can be modified to your liking. For productivity, detachable hampers are available for used clothing. It’s hard to lose your way in this modern walk-in closet for a modern homeowner. 

Luxury Walk-In Closet Design with Fine Details   

Form truly follows function in this Ravenwood model home. The balance between style and functionality is important for a dynamic and career-oriented homeowner. Its radiant atmosphere and impressive choice of color palette are perfect when combined with clean lines. It’s a modern take on luxury walk-in closet design with glass-enclosed shoe racks, adjustable shelving systems, and productivity features to keep your daily routine as seamless as can be. Giving it a more exotic and modern look are the elegant-looking faux-crocodile drawer fronts, which were custom-made for this project.       

His and Hers Modern Walk-In Closets   

This luxury modern walk-in closet for Him and Her in a model home in West Summerlin uses two neutral tones. The purpose is not to separate the Him side from the Her side, but to emphasize style. The neutral colors are a staple in modern interiors, and combining two – chocolate brown and light brown – makes for a rich, classy design.  

Using Closets Las Vegas’ Classica product line, the modern and classic fused in this walk-in closet and gave minimalistic space into a breathtaking atmosphere. The simple but strong lines complement both sides, not to mention it’s packed with functional features – adjustable shelving systems, spacious drawers, and long-hang and double-hang shelves, among others.  

Closets and Storage Systems for Spaces in Your Home  

The modern closet system goes beyond the bedroom. You can enjoy a neat, clutter-free home by installing smart storage solutions in the kitchen, the garage, the wine cellar, or home office.    

Modern Walk-In Pantry   

Minimalism is the mark of modern interior design. Making this happen for a pantry may seem impossible because it’s supposed to be normally messy. Not with a modern theme. Homeowners today consider cleanliness and style to be equally important.  

In this pantry design in the Ravenwood community (the closet of the kitchen) we can see cleanliness made modern and warm.  

The pantry design not only looks immaculate, but it also screams modern. The overall view contains all the elements of a modern setting. The color palette used is the neutral color gray in sync with clean simple lines and minimal décor. In terms of functionality, the flexible shelves and drawers will keep your grocery items organized, while the pull-out wire baskets will make your food preparation easier.  

Classy and Contemporary Wine Cellar Closet Design 

There are many things to find in a modern wine cellar that are missing in traditional ones. The proper cooling system is one vital element that makes it innovative. Closets Las Vegas takes this into account so the team has meticulously built several wine cellars that homeowners love. The choice of equipment depends on the space available and the number of wines stored. For these projects, the wine cellars have proper insulation systems, which are also a critical element that makes or breaks your wine storage.  

When it comes to functionality, these modern wine cellar closets that Closets Las Vegas built feature hanging racks creating the floating illusion. It’s the perfect choice if the space is small or if you want a dramatic display. The use of classic materials like diamond bins and wooden crates is not lost in these modern designs, especially if you want to keep that nostalgic look. 

Like any modern wine rooms, the furnishings serve as divisions instead of walls. The wine racking systems have simple structures and forming simple lines that balance the minimal framework.  

Garage and Man-Cave in One Cool Space 

Modern designs often use wood or metal. But what better way to make a garage modern and innovative than using steel? Garages are often treated as a storeroom and workplace. Cluttered and messy is how we often describe it. Not this time.  

This cutting-edge garage changes the narrative by fusing steel workbenches and storage systems with couches and an entertainment showcase. Homeowners can hang out and relax during breaks from woodworking or car repair. The sturdy black steel shelving, workbench, and drawers with blue highlights and drawer fronts make this the ultimate garage design for modern homeowners. Even the flooring is designed to endure scratches and other types of damage by having three coatings. At first sight, you’ll find it incredibly minimal for a garage, having an uncomplicated finish. It’s minimal and straightforward but definitely magnetic.    

Home Office Closet Designs for Increased Productivity  

 A home office can be considered your private space. Whether you are using it full-time or minimally, you may want to personalize it according to your needs and taste. Modern office closets give great consideration to aesthetics. It has to since a pleasing environment improves performance and complex designs don’t help if you need to focus.  

Closets Las Vegas’ office closets adopt the modern blueprint with a minimalist element that works perfectly for hardworking homeowners. Aside from their clean finish, they are flexible and ready for minor or major modification with adjustable shelving systems. Small or large, modern home offices usually have clutter-friendly installations to keep your surroundings well-kempt and conducive to working.   

Give Your Home An Elegant and Functional Modern Closet Design! 

Home organization doesn’t need to be complicated. Now you have the option to use a modern closet design that makes your life easy and your day less stressful. The size of your area should not stop you from turning your modern closet design ideas into a unique storage system that is not only stylish but versatile and functional.  

And to ensure that the modern luxury walk-in closet you have in mind will turn out fantastic, hire a team of true master crafters. Having professionals passionate about building extraordinary modern storage by your side will make your money and time worth it.  

Closets Las Vegas has built different types of storage systems and modern closets for commercial and residential clients all over the city. With a roster of experts on board, you can be confident that your modern closet design is in good hands.  

Let’s discuss all your options in terms of design, materials, and timeframe. Visit us in our showroom open from Monday to Friday and by appointment on Saturdays. Or call us at +702 259 3000 today.