Adjusting Your freedomRail Closets

Adjusting Your freedomRail Closets

The genius behind the freedomRail closet system is that you can maximize your closet space to store more and stay organized. Take a look at your closets. Are there gaps? Can’t reach the top-hanging clothes? Too many shoes and not enough shoe storage? With just a few adjustments or additions, you can further customize your closet.

Can’t reach your top-hanging clothes? Simply move the shelf down to accommodate your height and reach. To adjust a shelf, first remove the clothes rod – grab the rod clips and pull forward to unlock from the brackets. Remove the wood shelf by lifting or tapping it up from the back of the shelf.

Remove the brackets from the upright by tilting the front up, lift, and pull out of the upright – then reposition to the desired height. Replace the shelf by lining up the shelf locks with the brackets and push down to secure. To reinstall the rod, push the rod clips into the brackets, and lock into place by pulling down.

Too many shoes and not enough shoe storage? Quickly add a shoe storage accessory like the freedomRail Reveal women’s shoe rack. When adding a Reveal item, the uprights must be 24″” apart. To allow for complete adjustability, the uprights are not attached to the wall, so when adding an accessory, you may have to tap the upright left or right to get the precise spacing for the item.

When placing the Reveal item, tilt up then set into the upright. When the Reveal accessory is completely into the upright, lower down. If you are placing more than one freedomRail Reveal accessory, you can stack them or place them next to each other using the same upright. For more versatility, uprights can easily be added at any time to accommodate more accessories.

With freedomRail and its endless adjustability, your Dream Closet can become a reality. Perfect finishing touch.