Benefits of Installing Before Move-In

Benefits of Installing Closets Before Move-In

So, some of you are asking the question, “Do I want to do my closets before – or after I move in? Well, to be quite honest with you, it’s easier to do it before you move in because if you have wood rod and wood pole in your home right now, we have to tear that out. You’re going to now need a drywaller, you’re going to need a painter, and you’re going to have construction guys in your brand new home. So not only is it easier on you, but it’s going to save you money by doing it up-front. If you have a choice, installing during construction saves you hassle, construction dust, money – and lets you get organized from Day One. (As one of our customers asked his wife, “Why would we want to move into a brand new, ‘fixer-upper’?” Now that’s a smart guy!)