Custom Kitchen Pantry Design

Smart Color Choices to Achieve a Classy and Comfortable Two-Toned Custom Kitchen Pantry Design

Light is the common color choice for a standard custom kitchen pantry, but some homeowners dare to go for darker shades. Why not? If you have a good designer to build it with, the result could be as fascinating as Closet Las Vegas’ Sandalwood model home project! 

You may feel hesitant about using black or dark brown for your pantry. To go dark is perhaps a risky move for you since light palettes have been the norm. But dark colors have a bright side in terms of style, maintenance, and organization.  

Look closely at this custom kitchen pantry design with dark brown shelving system and light brown backwall

Look more closely at this custom kitchen pantry design with light brown-colored backwalls and numerous dark brown-colored shelves

Take a better look at this custom kitchen pantry design with three layer dark brown shelves and detachable steel baskets

Light vs Dark Custom Kitchen Pantry Design

Light and dark shades offer advantages and disadvantages. The choice depends on what suits your lifestyle and taste. Productivity is also a factor that may affect your preference. This may seem like a stretch, but if we break down the pros and cons, you will realize the impact of color on your daily life 

The Bright Side of Light-Colored Kitchen Pantries 

Flexibility is one of the many qualities of light colors, reason many interior designers and homeowners prefer them over deep ones. And there are other reasons that make light shades a practical option. 

They are timeless and don’t go out of style 

When it comes to style, bright kitchen pantries will outlast other color trends. It is timeless, so-to-speak. Additionally, light-colored cabinets, countertops, and shelves will go well with any paint because they are versatile. This will be useful in case you decide to perk up your custom kitchen pantry design a little with little color modifications in the future.   

They make your pantry look spacious  

If you have small pantry space, using bright paints on walls, floors, ceilings, and cabinets will make it look bigger and more comfortable. Bright colors also offer a stress-free ambiance, allowing you to work with a peaceful and relaxing feeling.  

Fresh and clean  

Light colors will not only enhance your kitchen pantry’s natural light but they will also evoke a clean, sanitized environment. If you do not habitually tidy up your pantry, the brightness would inspire you.  

A Look at Custom Kitchen Pantry Design Two Shades Darker  

Brighter colors may be safe and stylishbut darker shades can be a smart choice. Dark colors can be just as voguish, and you will appreciate them in a custom pantry kitchen design when incorporated with other elements such as lighting, accessories, and furniture 

Dark shades look more sophisticated and classier 

Contrary to the laid-back light colors, dark shades exude elegance and sophistication. This is the perfect choice if you want to enhance your pantry’s luxurious feel. Your pantry will look formal yet cozy and inspiring. 

Darker shades need low maintenance 

Grimes and dirt become visible quickly on light colors so the upkeep can be painstaking. This happens a lot in households with big families. The cleaning effort can double if you have several small children at home. Add to the problem the discoloration and cracks that may ruin your custom kitchen pantry design. Dark paints will not give you such problems as they hide stains, wear, and tear effectively, saving you a great deal of time and money.

Enjoy Working in Your Own Stunning and Classy Custom Kitchen Pantry Design with the Help of Closets Las Vegas

Why pick one color when you can make your own custom kitchen pantry design more interesting with two tones. And it is safe to go dark when you are working with a premier team of closet and pantry builders in Las Vegas. 

With Closets Las Vegas, your dream custom kitchen pantry design is in good hands. Experiment all you want with colors under the guidance of our expert team. Aside from building your dream pantry, our job is to satisfy your taste for good design. We will work hand in hand and give you advice in terms of concept, colors, and functionality.   

If you are concerned about your budget, we will work together to maximize it and still achieve your dream. Take a look at our product lines in our showroom when you drop by.  

Better yet, give us a call and let’s get started!