Crocodile Pattern Drawer Fronts: Luxury in the Details

Faux animal skins are not just for the runway. Many interior designers and closet builders use snake, turtle, or crocodile patterns for closets, just like this Closet’s Las Vegas’ Ravenwood project. The crocodile patterns in the drawer fronts of this closet were successfully incorporated, which highlighted this model home’s luxury closet and pantry.

It’s tempting to stick to traditional styles. If you are spending money on something that lasts, you won’t dare with a new concept thinking it would be a waste of money. But before you drop the idea of using faux animal skin textures for your drawers, cabinets, doors, and shelving systems, let’s take a look at their positive qualities that may change your mind.

4 Reasons That Make Faux the Real Deal

Closets Las Vegas has incorporated faux animal skins into their drawer fronts. The crocodile patterns highlighted this model home’s closet. Here are the reasons why you should get this for your closets!

Authentic may supersede faux in many aspects but faux animals’ skins have impressive qualities and benefits that you should take advantage of. If you still need more convincing, find out why faux animal skins are the real deal:

Faux Animal Skin Textures Will Add Uniqueness To Your Home Design

You don’t have to be an exotic buff to appreciate faux animal skin textures and incorporate them into your home design. One or two pieces of furniture with faux crocodile skin texture will make a big difference already, especially if the colors to match it with are neutral or plain.

It’s A Great Alternative to Authentic Leather in Terms of Maintenance

Authentic leather fabric is a great material because of its soft yet durable quality. However, cleaning it involves a meticulous regimen. If you use the wrong agent, it might turn brittle. Leather is not only pricey but also high maintenance. Meanwhile, faux leather surfaces only require mild cleaning since they are non-porous. Any type of dirt will stay on the surface, so it is easier to wipe them off with a damp towel.

They are Revolutionary and Comfortable

With regard to comfortability, faux animal skins are reliable. Authentic and synthetic leather fabrics can provide you the same comfort. This is contrary to the common belief that faux is an inconvenient substitute for the real thing. Top-grade faux animal skins are soft as well. Often it would be hard to tell real leather and faux apart.


You can add color and texture to a dull room by using fabulous faux animal skins. Furs can be made into pillow and sofa covers, rugs, or table runners. Exaggerate your office table, too, by using faux fur as a table cover. Faux leather with animal skin textures can also be used the same way. Many interior designers use them as drawer and door fronts. If you feel like splurging, you can cover your entire bedroom walls with faux snake or crocodile skins!

More importantly, these materials will work with any retro or modern home designs. Closets Las Vegas, an expert closet builder in Las Vegas, made it work in their latest project in Ravenwood.


Closets Las Vegas’ Ravenwood Model Home Project

The Ravenwood model home project is one of Closet Las Vegas’ most important projects because, on this rare occasion, the team used a man-made alligator texture for the drawer and dresser fronts, as well as the hampers.

Closets Las Vegas’ team of designers and builders thoroughly discussed and envisioned the concept with the aid of digital images for a clearer picture. Not all original elements did not make it to the final design, but the finished product turned out amazing.

Crocodile Pattern Drawer Fronts: Luxury in the Details

crocodile texture custom drawers and cabinet and shoe rack aluminium framed glass doors

This walk in closet’s cabinet and shoe racks have aluminum-framed glass doors and crocodile texture custom drawers

The faux crocodile texture and faux fur seat covers are some of the ideas you can integrate with your closet or home design. This will be a great design concept for people who would like to try something innovative and exotic.

Keep in mind that these elements are best styled by a professional to avoid interior design disasters. A certified interior designer or an expert closet builder’s advice would be useful. Better yet, make it right the first time by leaving the building work to a reliable team of experts.

Closets Las Vegas is a major closet builder in town, with years of expertise and experience. We have been building standard and luxury closets and pantries, among others for a wide range of clients – residential and commercial.

Our seasoned designers and builders will deliver seamless work if you want to incorporate faux animal skins into your luxury closet. We go beyond limits with or without a limited budget in terms of service and warranty, too!

Name the design you want or share with us your concept and we will build it the way you want. We make this possible by touring you to our showroom where all our product lines are displayed. We set this up to make it easier for you to visualize your design and create something better with our expert assistance.

Give us a call and visit our showroom today so we can start designing and building your dream closet!