Four Product Lines – One for Every Budget

Four Product Lines at Closets Las Vegas – One for Every Budget

Our philosophy here at Closets Las Vegas is that we’re here to help you – not ‘sell’ you. We want to guide you according to your budget and your needs, the best way to resolve your organizational needs.

Unlike any other closet company here in Las Vegas, we offer you four different product lines to suit your personal needs.

Our first product is Lifetime Ventilated Wire. It has a lifetime warranty; it’s stronger than any other product on the market as far as wire shelving is concerned – whether it’s Big Box or other companies.

The second product that we have to offer you is what we call Simple Shelf & Rod. Available in 8 different colors, and it has stainless steel/chrome rods. Extremely durable and strong, along with corner – so that your clothes don’t get stuck in the corner.

The third product that we offer you is totally adjustable called freedomRail. It allows you to add products as time goes on, change your closet, even take it with you if you leave this home.

And the fourth product we have is more of a custom product line called Classica. Classica is enduring beauty – it’s actually furniture-grade melamine. This product line can be customized for anything from plain clothes, to dresser drawers, lighting and mirrors – the whole bit.