Wow-Worthy Custom Pantry Shelving Systems by Closets Las Vegas — Why You Need to Build One

Noteworthy Closet Upgrade Ideas That Add Value to Your Las Vegas Home!

A basic wardrobe or standard walk-in closet often falls short productivity-wise as your life changes and your work needs grow. When presented with a number of noteworthy closet upgrade ideas, you would realize that you are missing a great deal in terms of convenience and value.

For one thing, a standard wardrobe limits your clothing options, which is not a good thing when you are always on-the-go and frequently deal with people. If you already have a walk-in closet, there is surely room for improvements to make it more functional and inviting.

What you need is an upgraded master closet design. Turn your Las Vegas residence into a comfy and productive home by adding a luxury closet system. Why luxury, you ask?

One of the characteristics of a luxury closet is it’s full of features that are suitable for your personal needs. Another thing is that it has aesthetic value to make prep times relaxing or less chaotic. Many homeowners turn their luxury closets into a smart wardrobe with systems for productivity.

In short, luxury closets make your life easier and dressing up an experience rather than a stressful chore.

Top Reasons to Consider Upgrading to a Luxury Walk-In Closet

Time, budget, and style are just among the common reasons that may be stopping you from investing in a walk-in closet. But considering the benefits of having one, you’d find this move worth every minute and every dime! Here are a few reasons:

A Luxury walk-in closet is more functional   

A plain closet is OK but a walk-in closet is awesome! It is time-consuming and difficult to grope for the day’s get-up in a chaotic wardrobe. Preventing tardiness comes with pressure already that affects the way you prepare each time, how much more if you have no idea where to find your planned attire for the day? 

Take your closet to a new level. Switch from a basic wardrobe to a luxury walk-in closet where your stuff is organized and easy to find. With a systematized closet space, your things are in order and so is your life. Luxury walk-in closets are partitioned properly with enough space to move around. With more shelves and cabinets, you will have enough room for your clothes, shoes, bags, and make-up, among other things.    

infographic for custom closet upgrades for your las vegas homePractical Renovation Ideas to Enhance Your Walk-in Closet

There is a lot that you can do with your closet to make it more appealing and functional. The features you can add are based on your personal needs and taste. Here are a few: 

Install time-saving and useful features that would reduce your prep time   

Nowadays, there are lots of closet upgrade ideas that you can integrate into your luxury closet. Busy people will surely appreciate the reduced prep time that a handy pull-out ironing board allows for.  You can also fill unused spaces with drawers, cabinets, and hampers for more storage. Give your clothes an optimal spot to keep them from damage and wear. A luxury shoe rack, too, will keep your footwear in pristine condition for a long time. Then, you wouldn’t always have to spend on a new pair frequently.   

Update the colors   

There are lots of style options for your master closet design. You can experiment with a new palette or match the style of your home’s design theme. Light shades will brighten up and amplify your closet. And any shade will be enhanced by a sophisticated yet energy-efficient lighting system.  

Give it a homely feel through furniture

Add a few furniture pieces. They may cost a small floor space but the relaxing ambiance they create is priceless. As you know, the walk-in closet is more often a busy place with periodic scrambling. A long chair or sofa set will caution you to take it easy, inspiring you to start the day calmly.

Protects your clothes   

The quality of your clothes will suffer from poor storage and organization. For one thing, mold and mildew might damage the fabrics and cause discoloration due to moisture. They may develop a foul smell, too, when mixed with other items like bags and shoes in tight cabinets.  

If you only have limited closet space, one of the best closet upgrade ideas is to have a walk-in closet built. If you have a walk-in closet already, it’s time for a major transformation. Expanding your walk-in closet will encourage proper airflow and ventilation. If your clothes, bags, and shoes can have a breathing space, they would smell better.  

It increases the value of your home   

Aside from usability, it’s aesthetically appealing to have a luxury closet system at home. It’s reasonable to have a master closet design when you work hard and want to be more productive. Because of the value it adds to a home, it has become an in-demand feature when renovating or building a new house. Many first-time homebuyers are likely to opt for a house with high-end closets and those who are building a new house dedicate a space for one.  

A luxury closet design makes your house more appealing, luxurious, and most especially, functional.

Making a Smart Decision for Your Closet Renovation

Luxury walk-in closets do not only focus on aesthetics. One of the reasons they are luxurious is its serviceability. A luxury walk-in closet’s purpose is not only to impress but also to reduce stress. And new closet upgrade ideas have developed to make it more functional and appealing.

When you are ready for a major closet makeover, choose your builder wisely!

Other builders do not offer upgrades but Closets Las Vegas does! If you want to upgrade your closet’s flooring, shelves, materials, or whatever you wish to change and adjust in your closet, Closets Las Vegas will help you achieve the design you have in mind. Our team of expert designers will design your closet with you so you can see how much the project will cost. Adjustments can be made if the estimates go beyond your budget until you are satisfied with the design.

The best thing about working with us is you get the lifetime warranty on parts and labor no matter the size of your closet or which of our four product lines you select for your closet. You get the same high-quality products and services regardless of how much the project costs.

If You Have Closet Upgrade Ideas, Closets Las Vegas Can Help!

When it comes to closet upgrades ideas, there are lots of options. It may be time-consuming to transform your standard robe but it’s all worth it especially when you see the final result. And of course, it costs money.

You may be worried about running out of budget in the process but this should not discourage you from upgrading. If you are decided on leveling up your wardrobe, Closet Las Vegas can help you design and build your dream luxury walk-in closet.

Closets Las Vegas aims to please our customers like we are working with family members so we guarantee the best results while enjoying zero pressure from us in terms of how much you should spend or which product you should choose. We are here to give our advice but in everything, you make the call.

Literally, make the call! Contact Closets Las Vegas and enjoy a free consultation so we can discuss your options. You can also visit our showroom for live viewing of our products. Have a look at the different styles and materials we offer and real-time design of your dream walk-in closet today!