Choose Value: Choose A Custom Closet Lighting System for Your Walk-in Closet

Luxury Custom Pantry and Closet Lighting System

If a custom closet lighting system can turn a simple closet into a luxurious space, what more if you install it in a luxury walk-in closet? Oozing with beauty and refinement, your walk-in closet will be a wonder.

Style and coordination are the keys to creating an elegant wardrobe. But what more does it take to achieve this? The cost may be a major concern but when you are passionate about styling your walk-in closet, this would not matter as long as you are getting your money’s worth.

Can you trust your closet builder to deliver you the results you desire? You can if you are meticulous about choosing one. The important thing is to know what you want and what your closet builder is capable of.

How Can A Custom Closet Lighting System Enhance Your Walk-In Closet’s Design and Functionality?

If your needs are specific, a custom lighting system for your walk-in closet is a necessary addition. It can provide the convenience that standard lighting cannot provide.

It’s Easy Finding Clothes with a Custom Lighting System

At first, it may not have crossed your mind until you find yourself rummaging blindly even in broad daylight. The location of your wardrobe matters. If your closets are in a poorly lit corner where natural light could hardly reach, finding clothes can be difficult especially when you are in a hurry. You may have a piece of light bulb installed but it wouldn’t cut it.

It would greatly help if a custom lighting system designed specifically for the type of closets you have. Life is easier and your early routine will not be all about digging up your outfit for the day.

You Can Make Your Closet More Personal

The best closet lighting system is one that represents your design taste. You can pick one that matches your style preference, color, and lighting locations.

It is important to communicate these details to the closet builder of your choice to make sure the overall result is on point. It is worth noting that the closet builder will also determine the quality of the outcome. If you want your custom closet lighting system to look perfect, pick the best company that will deliver top-notch work.

Modern Lighting System for a Model Home in Ravenwood

A good custom closet lighting changes the way a walk-in closet looks, no matter how simple it is. Take this master bedroom with his and hers closet in this model home in Ravenwood. This modest walk-in closet may lack the elaborate details found in many luxury homes, but the superb lighting system created a sophisticated and cozy atmosphere.

The brains behind this project include Closets Las Vegas’ team of seasoned closet builders who has designed many high-quality closets.

LED Custom Closet Lighting for the Ceiling

For a medium-sized his and hers walk-in closet, Closets Las Vegas used a combination of ambient and task lighting systems. Up the ceiling is a series of huge bulbs that cast warm white lights that illuminates the entire room.

Tube Lighting for Closets

Tubular LED lightings are set up around the cabinets to highlight the interiors. Both sides of the luxury racks have a strip of lighting on each side. The shelves have overhead lighting as well for easier navigation.

Creating a Master Bedroom with a Magnificent Custom Lighting System—The Process

The lighting on the shoe racks, display cabinets, and custom drawers with crocodile pattern drawer fronts make this walk-in closet extravagant.

This master bedroom walk-in closet started with an idea, which progressed into a collaboration between the builder’s designer and Closets Las Vegas’ team.

During construction, the builder partnered with Joe and his design crew to create a simple yet elegant his and hers walk-in closet.

Designing the closet

Initially, the builder sent over the design’s blueprint to Closets Las Vegas. The team then discussed the design’s details, including the materials, style, and color. For the lighting, the team decided that a modern closet lighting would be perfect since they planned to use unique materials such as crocodile drawer fronts.

Setting Up the Closet Lighting System

As the team settles on the lighting concept, Closets Las Vegas sent the measurements to the electrical company, as well as the builder’s in-house designer. This is a crucial part as the construction team has to set up the wiring system in the right locations.

Using a Modern Lighting System That’s Functional, Convenient, and Elegant

The shoe rack for this walk-in closet features recessed lighting bars which have system holes on the side for adjusting the shelves.

Typically, homeowners are inclined to use chandeliers or fancy pendant lights for their luxury spaces at home. However, modern households prefer convenience to beauty. It’s a good thing though that with modern lighting systems, homeowners get to enjoy functionality and elegance.

Modern lighting systems can be minimalist or elaborate, smart, and innovative. They can be controlled by traditional switches, remote, or via a smartphone app. They save a lot of time and energy, ideal for a busy home.

Enjoy the Beauty and Benefits of a Custom Closet Lighting for Your Luxury Walk-In Closet

If you have to choose between standard lighting and custom closet lighting that is modern and elegant, why not go for the latter? Enjoy the benefits of having a functional and beautiful lighting system to brighten your day every time you enter your closet.

Setting up a lighting system is a lot of meticulous work, just as an entire walk-in closet is. It is important to carefully choose the people you leave the project to. Find a team with long years of experience and mastery in closet building to make sure you get what you want and need.

Closets Las Vegas is the premier closet builder with a proven track record. Being in the business for many years, the team has grown its list of projects that never disappoint. Whether you want to emphasize style or functionality, Closets Las Vegas guarantees results that will make you happy.

If you are looking to build a standard or luxury walk-in closet, pantry, or if you need a shelving system for your home or office, we can help. Call us today so we can discuss your options and get started as quickly as possible!