Closets Las Vegas’ Modern Walk-in Pantry Design in
Sandalwood Model Home is Simply Amazing!

For some homeowners, a traditional reach-in or walk-in pantry is enough, but a style-conscious household would want a functional modern walk-in pantry design. One might think that a pantry is a simple storage so why would you spend so much money and effort styling it? What does a traditional pantry have that a contemporary pantry design doesn’t?
It’s a task you need to take seriously because the result may either please or disappoint you. You could risk your dream pantry if you leave the building process in the hands of inexpert builders. Working with a seasoned builder is paramount, but first, you need to decide what style will work best for you.
Beautiful and functional modern walk in pantry design Las Vegas

Style and organization wise, this modern walk-in pantry design has both qualities.

Traditional Pantry vs Modern Walk-in Pantry Design

Style and organization go hand in hand. When it comes to pantry design, you should focus on two things: ergonomics and aesthetics. Having a convenient and stylish working space is an absolute premium. The challenge is the kind of style to go with. Traditional and modern walk-in pantry design have their pros and cons. Remember that aside from beauty, functionality matters. With which design can you achieve both qualities best?


Flexibility in beauty

One thing that you need to consider is that any design can last but your taste in style changes. At some point, you would want to reorganize and move things around your pantry. The traditional design is often fixed.

On the contrary, contemporary pantry designs come with adjustable components that will allow you to modify it as you see fit.


Uncluttered and breezy ambiance

If your goal is to work in a stress-free environment, the traditional style may be a bit disappointing. The color palette that are often applied in traditional themes are dark and heavy, which can make you feel confined.

A modern walk-in pantry design would be light and refreshing because the color choices are often bright. This goes from floor to ceiling. This smart use of palette will give even a small kitchen a spacious look and illuminate your orderly shelves.


custom-pantry-design-refreshing-look Las Vegas

For this modern walk-in pantry design, the color that was used on the wooden shelves blends with the home’s palette.

Bang for the buck

Even if you have an ample budget, you would not want to spend it on a custom pantry design that will frustrate you later on. The design may be superb, but the performance may fall short and this is not a smart way to splurge.

Modern walk-in pantry designs emphasize smart storage and flexibility, which means you can make changes without having to spend more. Your money will be worth spent on a modern walk-in pantry with full potential.


This Modern Walk-in Pantry Design in Sandalwood Model Home Will Leave You in Awe

Only a few closet builders truly understand the needs of homeowners when it comes to closet or walk-in pantry design. Closets Las Vegas is one of the few who get how a homemaker would prefer their pantries if style and functionality are the major concerns.

One example is this walk-in custom pantry design that the team has completed in this model home in Summerlin, Sandalwood. The house was modeled for 4-5 years and a lot of effort was exerted to perfect every room including the pantry. Designing and building it went through a meticulous process.

The team’s first step was to get a feel of the house and note the house’s framing. Then, proceeded to work with the project’s design head, Diane Salas, who after working with us for many years, is already familiar with Closets Las Vegas’ processes and quality of work.

We started working several months before the project’s completion. We worked back and forth on budgeting, color palette, layout, materials, and other components of the pantry. As soon as she approved of our design, she went ahead with decoration and we applied the finishing touches.

Every homeowner will be impressed by this pantry that has almost all the desirable qualities. For this contemporary walk-in pantry, Closets Las Vegas chose freedomRail. The main feature of this product line is adjustability.


Flexible shelving systems for a modern walk-in pantry design

A huge 15-inch shelving split into four sections on the right side of the wall will welcome you when you enter the pantry, giving you a good first impression. These shelves are lined up to make them symmetrical giving it a clean look.

Adjacent to these four-column shelves are six more shelves from the back wall to the right wall. All these shelves are adjustable to allow the homeowner to make any changes if needed.


detachable-wire-baskets-in-a-contemporary-pantry Las Vegas

These functional wire baskets in a contemporary pantry serve as additional storage space.

Fully functional wire baskets that you can pull out or carry out

Surrounding the pantry with wood shelves would be monotonous and prosaic. The structure may be remarkable, but the look will be ordinary if it lacks variety. One thing that made this modern walk-in pantry design extraordinary are the layers of wire baskets that rest gracefully in the middle of these wooden shelves.

These wire baskets are pull-out and can be adjusted at any height. As additional storage space, you can organize small to large-sized jars of spices and preservatives or canned goods and grab them with ease. And because they are detachable, you can load everything you need and bring them to the counter in one go.

You can also find the tiered baskets that are sitting on top of the wire baskets pleasing. Not only are they functional, they are eye-candy, too, and your guests will be amazed.


A color scheme that blends with the home’s palette

The Closets Las Vegas team has always been meticulous when it comes to color palettes. Unless a client specifies the color palette to use, our builders will make sure that the pantry’s color scheme matches the entire house.

For this modern walk-in pantry design, Closets Las Vegas picked the chocolate palette which is the home’s major theme. Based on the result, the choice was spot on as it made the pantry stand out.


A Custom Pantry Design That Gives You More Room for Easy and Inexpensive Upgrades

Compared to a reach-in or a small and simple walk-in pantry, this modern design is versatile, with flexible storage systems. A walk-in pantry of this size can contain many items and has more room for upgrades if the client desires. The best thing about it is that upgrades can be done without using tools and spending a lot of money.


Replace the wooden shelves with more baskets

If you feel like stripping away all the wood shelves and fill them with baskets, you won’t have a problem doing that. Among Closets Las Vegas’ four product lines, freedomRail and Classica are the most flexible for their adjustable shelving systems.

For this modern walk-in pantry design, the team used the freedomRail, which means that everything is adjustable. All the shelves were set vertically and spaced evenly so you can simply take away the wood racks without using a screwdriver and attach the wire baskets without a hitch.


Alternate the Shelves

The shelving system for this modern walk-in pantry has more wood racks than wire baskets. In case you want to fill half with baskets and half with wooden racks, feel free to do so. You can also add extra bins for more variety.


freedomRail: The Perfect Choice for a Modern Pantry

Out of Closets Las Vegas’ four product lines, the team chose freedomRail as the perfect choice for this modern walk-in pantry design. While Classica is just as flexible, it is more traditional looking compared to freedomRail, but you can use both products in one space.

freedomRail has so much flexibility that it can also work with the traditional or classic theme if you wish, reason it is Closets Las Vegas’ top-end product, along with Classica. You can incorporate any style with it and take advantage of its functionality.


Have Your Contemporary Pantry Designed by Las Vegas’ Premiere Builder

modern-walk-in-pantry-design-with-adjustable-shelves Las Vegas

This custom pantry design has shelves that are adjustable to allow the homeowner to make any changes if needed.

Building your modern walk-in pantry design comes with the challenge of choosing the right style for it. Beauty and functionality are always the homeowners’ priority but the number of options available can be stressful. The size of your pantry, your needs, and your taste matter.

When making a decision starts wearing

you out, Closets Las Vegas can help you. We have design and building experts who will plan things out according to your taste, your needs, and your pantry size. We will assist you from the planning stage, budgeting, and construction, and make sure that we build the pantry of your dreams.

If you are looking to start building your custom pantry soon, give us a call or drop by our showroom to view our product lines and discuss how you would want your pantry to look.