Blue Heron Home’s His and Hers Small Closet Remodel and Installation from Scratch 

As a practical homeowner who dreams of having a stunning and functional walk-in closet, nothing can be more satisfying for you than a small closet remodel and installation. But somehow, you are concerned about the budget and the long waiting time. It pays to customize a closet based on your personal needs, not to mention the lengthy and messy construction process, depending on every other remodeling company’s timeline.

Many closet builders would take weeks to get even a basic closet install done. This means you will have to live through the inconvenience for a long while. This is not the case with Closet Las Vegas, which can complete a small closet remodel and installation in a matter of days despite the amount of work that goes on behind the scene. This premiere closet builder in Las Vegas works fast and seamlessly, following its own work process on how to build a walk-in closet from scratch. 

In this article, we will walk you through Closets Las Vegas’s small closet remodel and installation process. Witness our team in action as we prep the site and create a fabulous His and Hers closet in this Blue Heron residence in Southern Highlands.    

His and Hers Closet Transformation — Closets Las Vegas’ Speedy Small Closet Remodel and Installation Process 

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