Blue Heron Home’s His and Hers Small Closet Remodel
and Installation from Scratch

As a practical homeowner who dreams of having a stunning and functional walk-in closet, nothing can be more satisfying for you than a small closet remodel and installation. But somehow, you are concerned about the budget and the long waiting time. It pays to customize a closet based on your personal needs, not to mention the lengthy and messy construction process, depending on every other remodeling company’s timeline.
Many closet builders would take weeks to get even a basic closet install doneThis means you will have to live through the inconvenience for long while. This is not the case with Closet Las Vegas, which can complete a small closet remodel and installation in a matter of days despite the amount of work that goes on behind the scene. This premiere closet builder in Las Vegas works fast and seamlessly, following its own work process on how to build a walk-in closet from scratch. 

In this article, we will walk you through Closets Las Vegas’s small closet remodel and installation process. Witness our team in action as we prep the site and create a fabulous His and Hers closet in this Blue Heron residence in Southern Highlands.    

His and Hers Closet Transformation — Closets Las Vegas’ Speedy Small Closet Remodel and Installation Process 

This project is not a simple small closet remodel and installation. The team had to work on two-sectioned walk-in closets with distinct characters and designs. Prior to building the actual closet, Closets Las Vegas convened for planning and conceptualizing the design. During this time, the team also decides what materials to use, the colors, and style. Joe Ferraro, owner of Closets Las Vegas, then orders the materials – lighting system, custom cut wood panels, racks, and accessories, among others. Once they arrive, the action starts.

 Day 1:The 1st step for a closet remodel: loading the materials!

Loading the materials

When the materials are ready to be transported to the installation site, the crew loads them into a van. Depending on the quantity, sometimes they use two vans. Even at this stage, the crew is extra careful in handling the materials to prevent damage, which would affect the closet’s aesthetics.

Unloading the materials

The crew starts unloading the materials when they arrive at the installation site. First, they prepare a protective sheet on the floor and organize them carefully for easy access. While on duty, the crew members are also in full gear wearing protective face masks and belts for carrying tools.

Tearing out the old cabinets and shelves

After unloading, the team started prepping the closet’s location. It’s important that the walls are clean, smooth, and well-preserved first to prevent any unwanted gaps, uneven panels, and damages on the texture. So, they tear out the cabinets and wood panels carefully and remove the excesses by cutting along the caulking line. This method keeps the paint or wallpaper intact.

Creating an outline for closet installation

The team begins to lay the foundation for the closets and drawers after taking down the old cabinets. The foundations for the shelving system and cabinetry will serve as their guide. It also creates a clear pathway for the low-voltage wiring. While fixing the cabinetry to the wall, the crew covered the screw holes as well.

Day 2:

Setting up the low-voltage wiring for the lighting system

As the team finishes the outline, they start setting up the low-voltage wiring. This Blue Heron His and Hers closet uses beautiful, relaxing, and energy-efficient lighting systems – lighted rods for the shoe racks, overhead lighting for the closets, a few puck lights, snow drift lighting, and countertop lighting.

To keep the unsightly wiring out of the way, the team runs the cables along the back and under the wood panels. Then, they install the LED lighting system where needed and test if they are working properly.

Configuring the drawers and shelving systemOn the 2nd day of closet remodeling, the team secures the cabinet to the wall.

The construction team works on the shelving and cabinetry alongside the electrical wiring and lighting systems. The team ensures that they are solid and sturdy enough to support heavy contents. To achieve this, the staff creates a hole on the wood and drill an anchor into it. The team installs several anchors but section has two cam locks, which further strengthens the system. The result is a strong shelving design that is so strong you can hang off the rails without tearing the panels.

It’s easy for the staff to install the wood and glass panels because the materials have been measured and pre-cut based on the plan ahead of time.

Day 3:Day 3 in building a walk in closet is filling in the gap and polishing.Polishing the installations and filling the gaps

By this time, the closets are coming together nicely. The drywall in some areas is still exposed and the drawer fronts aren’t fixed yet. But the team has already completed most of the closet’s features: electrical wiring and lighting system, doors, hampers, wire baskets, shoe racks, pant racks, and belt racks, among others.

Day 4On the last day of closet remodeling, Closets Las Vegas handles the customization of the closet including removing system holes.

Finishing up a small closet remodel and installation

To complete the job, the team applies the finishing touches and perfects the design. This includes locking the wood panels in place to cover the drywall, filling and polishing the gaps in corners and bases, and fixing the drawer fronts.

His and Hers Closet’s Satisfying Transition from Messy to Majestic

The His and Hers closet in this Blue Heron residence is another milestone for Closets Las Vegas. After all the dirty work, the team packed and cleared up the place without no nut or bolt in sight. The only trace they proudly left is a majestic His and Hers coset with lasting beauty and quality. Their hard work produced more than a simple closet remodel but a remarkable work of art.

Hers Side

The Hers section is like a transition from winter to spring with bright lights to emphasize its modern design elements. All drawers are full-extension glide, which conveniently gives the owner full access to everything that’s inside. On top of the dresser drawers is a thinner jewelry insert, which can also accommodate other accessories.

Next to it is an all-glass shelving system with aluminum frame glass doors and a mirror backer, which can be a perfect display case for bags and other personal items.

His Side

While Hers is brighter, the His side is sophisticatedly darker with deep brown cabinetry and shelving systems. Like the drawers installed in the Hers section, the His section also features some 19-inch deep full-extension glide drawers with a jewelry insert, a hamper with a detachable bag, pull-out wire baskets, and an additional metal shoe rack. Moving to the right is a full-size shoe rack as well with lighted rods around the frame for elegant shoe storage.

It also features a pull-out mirror with a swivel function, so it slides in any direction.

Have Your Own Sensational His and Hers Closet Remodel and Installation from Scratch

As satisfying as it is to see a small closet remodel and installation process, seeing your own closet go from simple to sensational is more fulfilling. The rebuilding process is a lot of hard work and things can go wrong along the way. An inexperienced closet builder may not be able to do a good job and cost you more money for repairs.

If you want to turn an existing space into an extraordinary and versatile walk-in closet for your home, small or large, you need a team with mastery in designing and building premium closets. Closets Las Vegas is one of the top closet builders in town that never fails to deliver quality work.

We provide you the best results and optimum service. If you are looking to have your own His and Hers walk-in closet built, we will help you make this happen. We will develop your concept into a fully functional and elegant walk-in wardrobe done with precision and passion.

To get started, drop by our showroom or give us a call today!