Tips of to do’s before for your closet Appointment

Tips & To Do’s Before Your Appointment

Owner, Joe Ferraro, shares some tips about helpful information you can bring from home to your Closets Las Vegas design appointment.

So you have an appointment now to come in and see us. A few things you might want to gather so that we can help you and better assist you would be to:

That helps us once again as far as the design – what we’re going to need to design for you so that your clothing fits properly on the storage shelves, and your hanging clothes don’t hit the dust shelves or the floor when you’re hanging the clothes up.
If you bring those to us, we can better assist you in your organizational needs. On our website, you’ll find four different product lines so that we can surely meet your budget. Look there for designs that you might like, print them out, and bring them here to our showroom.”