Video Tour of Our Showroom

A Video Tour of our Showroom at Closets Las Vegas

Hi, Joe Ferraro – Closets Las Vegas. Welcome to our fabulous showroom!

We built this showroom specifically so that you can touch and feel everything that could possibly go into your closets right here in our showroom. Follow me, and I’ll walk you through our product line.

We have two dressers with one top – his-and-hers scenario, and in this particular setting you’re seeing mirror with any kind of dressing that you want to put up on top. And also, soft-close, 150-lb drawer glides. Any pulls that you would like to use can be added to this, too.

Slanted shoe shelves with shoe fences.
This is our typical corner shelving, that you’ll notice we have rounded shelving. Any type of rod can be used here. What you’ll notice here is how deep these shelves are.
Next that we are showing you here is a triple-hang section. This is a perfect scenario to get a lot more clothing in.

Our next section here that you’re seeing is a dresser with glass, mirrors, and glass shelving – all adjustable. The lighting is designed to illuminate all your clothing. Aluminum door that is also soft-closing.

So, here is the actual third-row pull-down mechanism, and how it works. And as you let it go, it soft-closes back up.

Here what you’re seeing, folks, is our Classica product line. Sections can be done in small or wide, they’re customized to your home. Here, you’re seeing the pull-out unit which has a hamper, sharing this unit is also a pant rack. We’re showing you three different drawer units here – we have our flat drawer front, our Shaker drawer front, and a customized drawer front. Some people are just using these for undergarments, so we have a small drawer.

Next, what you’re seeing here, is we showed you the open hamper – this is now the hidden hamper. The basket up above is designed for wet clothing – whether it’s work-out clothes or towels.Next, what you’re seeing here, is we showed you the open hamper – this is now the hidden hamper. The basket up above is designed for wet clothing – whether it’s work-out clothes or towels.

We’ve also added the lighting in the corner here. Shoe storage can be done with slanted shoe shelves with the shoe fence, straight shoe shelves – whether they’re just for your boxes or shoes, and the third is our freedomRail product line so that I’ve now freed up the entire top portion of the closet.

We’re showing you that you have 14″, 19″ deep, and then the last one is 24″ deep, where all of your clothes are actually behind the wood.

You’re seeing a more ornate crown. We’re at an 8′ high installation, this would be perfect for anyone over 6′ tall. We have two different ways that are both 8′ high: One is you’re reaching up for those items; the other is that we put them more at a height here that’s easy to reach because you can get your clothes easier from this particular height.

So this is our freedomRail product line. We have a garage set up where everything is adjustable with capabilities of being able to adjust heights by adding products, removing and moving to different walls, and so forth without drilling, without any tools.

What you’re seeing here now is our office set up. Pendaflex folders in the lower cabinet. Again, all these heights can be adjusted and doors and paper sorters and the whole line of products that we have for your office.

What you’re seeing here is our child’s closet. You can simply remove a shelf and a rod and make it a nice double-hang for a teenager or adults, as time goes on. Now next, what you’re seeing here is really an adult’s closet where we have, what we call, Big O-Boxes – they’re 30″ wide, 16″ deep. Top and bottom hang through the corner – your clothes are on a rod that is curved. Here you’re seeing our shoe shelves, which is our Reveal line of shoe shelves – they pull out./Here you’re also seeing a long-hang section with either belt or tie racks that you can also purchase. This is all the different color lines that we have and drawer fronts.

The first product that we have here is our Simple Shelf and Rod with stainless steel, available in 8 different colors.

The shelving system here is our wire shelving that goes into your home, shown here in double-hang height and also continuous slide, so there’s no hanger interruption.

What you’re seeing here is our designing area, where we actually have 3-D rendering of your closet. We’re going to show you that closet in color, also. You’re also going to notice that as we put products in, the prices are going to go up. And as we take products out of this product, it’s going to lower the price of the closet.

This map is showing you the builders that we serve, and the communities that our product is actually modeled in all over the Las Vegas valley. We’re in over 100 different communities, close to 300 different models.

This is our resume – you can come see it for yourself!

Thanks again,

Joe Ferraro, Closets Las Vegas