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New! Virtual Showroom Design Appointments

Design From the Comfort and Safety of Your Home

Introducing our “Virtual Showroom and Design Appointments.” Conducted online from your home direct to your dedicated Closet Designer, it’s how we’re addressing your concerns about staying safe, leaving home, keeping your home construction/move-in on schedule – and maintaining some serious social distancing!

As we have adjusted to the new realities of operating our business, we want you to know that Closets Las Vegas will continue to evolve our ‘best practices’ to better serve our customers as time goes on.

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The State of Nevada has designated the new home construction industry as an essential business – and we are monitoring new developments about the coronavirus and following all recommended protocols to protect our employees and the public. All showroom appointments are one-on-one (no exposure to multiple personnel) with social distancing. If you prefer, you can schedule a Skype or FaceTime appointment with one of our designers.

Before every in-person appointment, our designers are washing their hands and disinfecting all surface areas. If you have any questions about your appt, please call, email or text us. We’re all in this together, please stay safe!

How Does It Work?

Our Designer demonstrates our showroom products with you online in real-time – answering your questions, sharing ideas, and beginning your design inspiration.

What Programs Do We Use to Connect?

You can meet with us on your phone, laptop, or other device via Skype, Facetime, Zoom or other platforms.

How Long Is My Appointment?

We don’t have a limit to the amount of time you’ll spend with our Designer. What matters is that you get the closet design you want!

How to Book An Appointment

Lots of ways! Scroll down to fill out our Appointment Request box. Or – call, email or text us!

What Are the Benefits of a ‘Virtual Appointment’?

You can build your closet in the safety of your own home – getting all the benefits of having your personal designer help you choose, ,design, document and schedule your new closet installation all online.

What’s the Difference Between a Showroom and a Virtual Appointment?

You may be meeting online, but the expertise and personal communication between you and our Designer is as close as it gets to an actual showroom visit.

When Are Appointments Available?

We are open during our regular hours: Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm – and Saturdays by appointment only. Contact us today to get your Virtual Appointment time confirmed!

Ready to Get Started?

So are we! There’s no time like the present to daydream about your Dream Closet – and let us bring it to life! Just fill out the box below, or call us at (702) 259-3000.

Virtual Closet Design Appointment:
Creating your Closet Design in a Few Clicks

Do you love to keep things in order? Does the sight of clutter look appalling to you? Do you stop what you are currently doing to fix it? I can’t blame you. When everything has its place and is easy to organize, there is less room for stress and mess in your life. It clears up, at least on the psychological level, disoriented ideas in our minds.

A closet is a perfect way to organize your stuff. Here at Closet Las Vegas, we design and build closets to suit your needs and wants. You have peace of mind that we will only deliver the best results for your project.

Normally, our customers visit our showroom to see our sample designs and to discuss their preferences and needs for the project.  But we have recognized in light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, that many people are looking for consultation options from the comfort of their home.

Your decision to protect your home, family, and others deserve to be respected. So, we came up with the perfect solution for you. Now, you can book a virtual closet design appointment with us. You’ll be safe at home and still have the freedom to personalize the design and options for your closet.

What is a virtual appointment?

A virtual appointment is like your usual visit with our showroom. The key difference is that it will be through your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone. Our friendly representatives will walk you through our showroom online. They will be more than happy to answer your questions and show to you the product lines.

Then, after the showroom tour, our agents will share their screen with you. From there, they will discuss with you the possible designs for your closet. The agent will take into consideration your needs, wants, and budget. Once you have made the final decision for the project plan, our team will schedule a time to visit your home.

What applications do we use for the virtual closet design meeting?

Currently, the team uses FaceTime and Skype. But, if you prefer to use other application, the team is more than willing to discuss possibilities with your preferred technology.

How long will a single session of virtual closet design meeting be?

The duration of the session is dependent on you.  It lasts somewhere between thirty minutes to over an hour. The time is dependent on your queries and the complexity of your customized closet.

We don’t have a time limit to the amount of time you will spend interacting with our team. What matters is that you get the closet design you want and have it built the soonest time possible. So, feel free to make use of the time to get involved with the creation process for your closet.

How to book a virtual closet design appointment

Simply fill out the virtual closet design appointment form! After you’re done filling in all the required fields, our system will send that to our team. Our representatives will notify you if your appointment is already in the queue.

What time are virtual appointments available?

Virtual appointments are made by advance appointment during our regular business hours from 9 am to 5 pm. Contact us within that timeframe and we’ll book your appointment the soonest time possible.


What are the benefits of doing a virtual appointment? 

Closets Las Vegas is offering a virtual closet design appointment as an alternative to in-person visits to our showroom. So you can build your closet in the safety of your own home. You can get all the benefits of having your personal designer help you choose, design, document, and schedule your new closet installation all online. 

What is the difference between a virtual closet design appointment and an actual visit to the showroom? 

What sets them apart is the means of interaction between you and our designer. Communication between the two of you would be through the internet and your gadgets. 


What is the similarity between a virtual appointment and a showroom visit to our site? 

A virtual closet design meeting recreates the experience of going to the showroom. Our staff would still tour you all throughout the showroom via a webcam. You will have a first-person perspective of the tour. It will feel like you’re actually walking through the showroom. Then, after the tour, our staff will discuss the specifics with you about your closet.  

All these things happen when you visit our showroom. It’s a similar experience minuthe direct interaction with our agent. 


Don’t let concerns with visiting in-person stop you from building your closet. Book a virtual closet design appointment NOW! 

Having a place for everything EXCEPT clutter means an organized, less stressful life. This is even more important when your home is your safe haven. And a closet can keep all your stuff in one place while eliminating clutter. Among health and safety concerns that keep you at home, it may sound like creating your dream closet just isn’t a possibility. 

Don’t worry. We created a solution to make the system work for you. Now, you won’t have to go to our showroom to discuss with our onsite designers your plans for your closet if you don’t want to. A virtual closet design appointment doesn’t need your presence in our showroom. Our representatives will take you on tour of our showroom on your computer. Then, the agent will share their screen with you to discuss possible options for your closet.  You’re staying safe at home while we discuss how to make your dream closet a reality. Schedule your virtual closet design appointment below!

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