Your Closet Deadline is Approaching

Your Closet Deadline is Approaching

So now you’re approaching your 10-day deadline. And we just want to reach out to you – I want you to know that this time right now is crucial, because all the paperwork has to go to your lender and has to get to the Builder so that they know what we’re doing for you.

So we have your drawings ready for you. The importance here is that we get it done while the house is being built. But all the paperwork has to be put into your lender and to your Builder.

Now you’re inside this 10-day mark, and we’re just urging you to give us a call – reach out to us and let us work it out so that you don’t have to have the pain of doing this after you close, with the tear-out and everything that’s involved. And the extra cost that’s involved. Now’s the time, folks. Come on in!

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American West