Closets Alternatives on a Budget in Las Vegas: Why you Shouldn’t Settle for a Mediocre Closet

Would you classify your walk-in closet as standard or mediocre? If you have to constantly deal with minor and major inconveniences like poor and hazardous painting, bad design, and unreliable materials, it probably is. Understand the difference between an affordable closet design and a cheap one. While an affordable closet design can still promise the best features, a cheap, standard one is likely troublesome. And the problems you encounter with a subpar installation make spending even a small amount of money unreasonable.

Why sacrifice when you can invest in a well-made yet affordable closet design? In case you’re not aware, there are alternative closet solutions out there that a practical homeowner like you would enjoy using. Just like the more expensive custom closets, closet alternatives on a budget also offer convenience, flexibility, functionality, and durability.

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Everything Wrong About Standard Closet Systems

Standard walk-in closets do favor budget-conscious homeowners but they often present problems that are hard to ignore. Although most of what you see may look good on the surface, there could be a lot of things going on underneath. Consider the following:

Standard closet problems you may have to deal with.

Use of Low-Quality Materials

You have to manage your expectations if you decide to go low-cost with your walk-in closet. The fact is, these closets are normally made with mediocre materials that do not last that long. They could fade, wash out, corrode, chip, or break in such a short time. Aside from their tendencies to warp fast, they are unsafe to use.

If you look carefully, you will surely find a cheaper alternative to California closets that won’t give you these problems. Remember, ‘affordable’ and ‘mediocre’ are two different things.

Faulty Closet Design

Durability is just one of your worries with standard closet installations. The design could also be discouraging since it’s highly likely not well thought out and executed. Forget about optimized spaces and aesthetics. Mediocre closets often fail to make smart use of the available areas to allow for functionality in a contemporary, elegant setting.

For example, two overlapping shelves would block each other’s space so you can’t hang anything. You will end up with a useless storage spot because of your closet builder’s lack of design skill or experience. These kinds of disasters turn off a lot of homeowners and lead them to find an affordable closet design with better quality.

Standard Painting Job That Doesn’t Last Long

Standard builder grade painted shelves can contain VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) or a combination of chemicals that may be sticky and come off to the clothes.

Longevity-wise, paints can shed over time leaving you with bits of paint chips on your clothes and belongings. It means you’ll need to eventually repaint. If you want to avoid issues, look somewhere else for the best budget closet systems.

What Does an Affordable Closet Design Do to An Outdated, Problematic, Over 30-Year-Old Walk-in Wardrobe?

Before Closets Las Vegas stepped in, a three-decade-old walk-in closet had various issues in terms of design, structure, and functionality. It no longer addresses the needs and pleases the style taste of a modern homeowner. Closets Las Vegas is an expert in these three elements, so our team worked on the closet to prove that you can get a closet that’s a lot better without having to pay a ton more. 

Affordable closet solutions that won’t break the bank.

Using VUE to Give the Closet an Excellent View 

Closets Las Vegas is proud of its new VUE product line, an adjustable closet system featuring 3/4-inch melamine. Melamine is a durable alternative to regular wood made from organic chemical compounds. Even if there is no chance that your closet would be submerged in water, it’s still good to have a product that can last up to seven hours underwater, which is one of the VUE’s unique qualities given the price point.   

VUE is extremely durable and can hold over 80 lbs. of weight for every 12 inches of closet. That means a two-feet wide closet can hold 160 lbs. of clothes, perfect for those who have quite a number.       

This closet system has a sophisticated custom-built design but with a budget-friendly price point. It features adjustable shelving, meaning you can have exactly what you want and rearrange the shelves according to your changing needs and preferences. 

Affordable Closet Design with Clean, Relaxing Finish 

If you are a fan of minimalist, clean design, then you’ll surely dig this closet. The clean seams coupled with trim pieces helped elevate the closet without needing to add additional costly features. The uncluttered look gives a relaxing and inspiring space despite the closet’s contents.  

The Uninterrupted Corner Rods Are Stainless Steel

Unlike the previous closet, VUE has stainless steel corner rods with an uninterrupted design. These rods help you to freely browse through your hung clothes and dresses freely. It also allows corner spaces to be utilized in an optimal way.  

Budget-Friendly Luxury Is Real with An Affordable Closet Design 

If a cheaper alternative to California closets would let you enjoy luxurious features, why settle for less? You don’t have to put yourself through the wringer when you can have the best experience with an affordable closet design. Never worry about poor design or going over your budget especially if you have Closets Las Vegas taking care of your closet installation.   

As always, Closets Las Vegas provides more than you expect: a space-optimized closet design and a durable closet system at an affordable price. Share your closet design concept with us, and we’ll design it for you within your budget.  

You can reach us at 702.259.3000 or 702.885.1939. Our showroom is open from 9 AM-5 PM, Monday to Friday. Call us to schedule an appointment if you plan to drop by on a weekend. We can’t wait to get started on your closet, so call us today!