VUE: Closets Las Vegas’ Newest Product Line Offers Superior Closet Wood Shelves and Chrome Rods

Easily Glide your Way into these Custom Wood Closet Shelves and Chrome Rods by Closets Las Vegas
What kind of closet wood shelves and chrome rods do you think would make a perfect walk-in wardrobe? Sturdy material? Shelves with a satisfying smooth texture? Versatility and beauty? Cost-effective or value for money? Such kind of storage solution is rare. Premium wooden closet shelves come with premium prices and, with the wrong product, still won’t get exactly what you want.  

Modern households are practical. You can set aside budget concerns for quality, aesthetics, and functionality. Contemporary tastes crave value for money and as long as the overall finish is precise, the price is irrelevant. 

VUE, Closets Las Vegas’ latest product promises to deliver. It’s a superior product that lets you explore design genres while getting top quality, top form, and top functionality. VUE gives you true luxury without the price of redesign every time you need or crave something new. With Closets Las Vegas crafting it into your dream walk-in closet, you can never go wrong with it!    

A View at VUE’s Premium Closet Wood Shelves and Chrome Rods 

VUE’s design is a combination of top-of-the-line wood shelving and hardware. It’s a perfect storage solution for people who aspire for power, beauty, and functionality. What makes VUE even more remarkable is its flexibility. From the original build to upgrade, VUE can meet the demands of your design choices.  

Among VUE’s attractive advantages include the following:  

Low-Maintenance and Durable  

In terms of durability, the patented Tri-Loc anchor hardware and heavy-duty brackets give VUE superior strength. It’s manufactured with furniture-grade 3/4 thick thermal laminate board shelving with radius edge banding.  

Just like Closets Las Vegas’ other product lines – Classica, freedomRail, Ventilated Wire, and Simple Wood Shelf – a foot of shelving has an 85 lbs. capacity.  And just like Classica, the 3/4 thermal fused shelves with melamine coating are washable and easy to maintain.  

Closet Wood Shelves and Chrome Rods with Clean and Polished Finish

Looking at them from an angle, custom walk-in closets and pantries are works of art. Often, you have to forgive the little visible hardware as long as they do not affect the overall aesthetics. But still, nothing beats a cleaner and more polished finish if you are after great custom wood closet shelves and rod ideas.  

With VUE, you won’t have to deal with exposed screws and hardware. The product uses glass-filled, Polypropylene Blend shelf brackets and high-impact Polystyrene sidewall brackets to mount in wall-to-wall storage spaces. Whether it’s wood or metal studs, the materials can be installed directly onto any solid substrate without gaps.  

Easy Installation 

The gap-free and screwless installation are already appealing but VUE offers more features. Since its production-oriented, installation is fast and cost-efficient. The sidewall brackets can be easily installed in any hollow or solid substrate. The same goes with shelf brackets but they can also be installed directly into wood or metal studs.  

The installation of the shelves’ components is true to line and square with adjacent components with drawer glides and working hardware. Altogether, they operate smoothly without binding or gaps. Painting before or after installation, caulking, and blocking are not necessary. 

And if at some point, you decide to upgrade your walk-in closet, VUE makes your fine-tuning projects effortless and economical with its Shelf Tower feature. A one-of-a-kind and versatile product, VUE makes design improvements easier for you. 

10-Year Warranty 

Closets Las Vegas is known for its generosity when it comes to warranty. The company offers a lifetime warranty for all its closet installations on top of its product line’s manufacturer’s warranties.  

The VUE product line comes with a 10-year warranty, which makes customers feel confident about the product’s durability and service quality. In case damages occur, you can contact Closets Las Vegas for the necessary repair and installations. 


The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification is the golden standard for green building rating not only in the US but also around the world. Having a high LEED rating means a product has a high-efficiency rating. Because VUE passes through green manufacturing standards, using this line ensures that your project earns LEED points. 

As you enjoy the benefits of a high-quality and remarkably built walk-in closet with durable closet wood shelves and chrome rods, you can be confident that you and your family are happy and protected.   

Closet Chrome Rod and Shelf That Promises Smooth Operation 

Sometimes, it’s frustrating to skim through your clothes because of your wardrobe’s limited mechanics. There are instances when you must take your garments out and then put them back when picking your “outfit of the day”. But with VUE, clothes selection is a breeze!  

Featuring round corner rods with no hanger interruptions, you can browse or organize your clothes conveniently as it smoothly glides around your single or double-hang closet. You also don’t have to worry about your clothes being ruined or wasted due to the extra work.  

Enjoy Premium Closet Wood Shelves and Chrome Rods for your Home Storage with VUE  

The perfect closet wood shelves and chrome rods used to be just an idea. The usual scenario involves one product having what the other doesn’t so you are often caught in a huge dilemma. You may find all the great qualities in a product but with a shocking price tag. 

For people who want high-quality closet wood shelves and chrome rods, VUE offers the best features. It does not disappoint in terms of design, quality, and price. For a long time, you will enjoy your walk-in or reach-in closet, secondary bedroom closet, linen closet, coat closet, pantry, laundry room, or storage room when you choose Closet’s Las Vegas’ VUE product line. 

If you have a design in mind, contact us so we can explain to you how VUE works and its other attractive features. We invite you to our showroom. Give us a call today!