Wow-Worthy Custom Pantry Shelving Systems by Closets Las Vegas — Why You Need to Build One

With all the stunning, elegantly designed rooms in this home— the pantry is a hidden gem. Some Las Vegas homeowners may hestitate when it comes to investing in custom pantry shelving systems because it’s “behind the scenes”. Pantries tend to store a variety of items, making them busy and almost impossible to organize. In reality, the problem is not what is being stored. Instead, the lack of organization affects the way you operate in this room. How do you make your pantry clutter-free and efficient for good?

The answer—a custom designed pantry! You can turn a chaotic storage space into an accommodating and functional vault if you integrate features that fit your activities and needs. With custom pantry shelving systems, materials, tools, and style that increase productivity, you will forget the challenges you once had when preparing a meal or even a feast!


The Benefits of Having a Well-Designed and Organized Custom Pantry Shelving Systems  

A pantry without a purposeful system will always give you a hard time. Cooking becomes a hit-or-miss, it is time-consuming, and exhausting that you end up leaving it the way you found it. On the contrary, customizing your pantry offers you ease and peace of mind. So, at times when you think that your pantry is fine as it is, consider these:

Pantry organization gives you easy access  

Whether food, coffee, cooking utensils, or equipment, it will save you a great deal of time if you know where you put them and where to get them when needed. By placing navigable cabinets and shelves, you can arrange the spices, baking ingredients, and canned goods accordingly. The same goes for your cooking tools. Less time wasted, less stress.

Not only food but cleaning tools, too!

If you are out of space, the pantry would be a good place to store some basic cleaning apparatus, as well – broomstick, dustpan, mops, etc. You do not require too much space for these so a small tall cabinet in a corner will be sufficient. 

Need More Space to Prep? Use the Pantry!

If you have a large pantry space, you can have a table and chair, or a countertop installed so you can perform food preparation without moving a lot. And working in the pantry can be a breeze if you give the design some work. Instead of food preparation becoming a daunting, cumbersome task, it will become calming when done with all ingredients at hand with an inspiring, stylish setting.

A Coordinated Color Palette: Harmony Between Your Pantry and the Rest of Your Home 

Color is important is defining the style that you want to emphasize or the feeling you want the room to evoke. When it comes to color coordination, Closets Las Vegas is an expert in identifying the right color palette to use in matching the home’s overall design.

For the Ravenwood model home, Closets Las Vegas applied a minimalist color combination, such as gray and white perfect for a house with contemporary design.

Smooth Texture for a Subtle Elegance   

Closets Las Vegas decided that a smooth texture is most appropriate so it’s visible in walls, shelves, and drawers. The soothing and lovely matte finish gives the pantry an elegant complexion that’s fitting for a luxury walk-in pantry you wouldn’t get tired of frequenting.

Las Vegas custom pantry shelving systems
How We Build a Custom Kitchen Pantry that Wows

A walk-in pantry offers smart storage solutions and allows you to have your coffee or prep your meal in style. These are valid reasons to give your pantry some love. Pantries with fine finishes and cleverly designed custom pantry shelving systems are the stamp of a careful design. If you are looking to have your own stylish pantry, it is important to work with the experts.

Closets Las Vegas’ extensive specialty in organization systems and closets within the home has inevitably developed a precise and unmatchable talent for building custom pantry shelving systems. Their recent project with American Richmond Homes is a testimony to their unwavering craftsmanship.

For this model home project, Closets Las Vegas collaborated with the builder and interior designer to create a stunning master closet design and custom pantry system.  

Drawers and steel baskets custom pantry shelving systems Las Vegas

 Cabinets and custom pantry shelving systems  

Many custom pantry shelving systems employ dividers for organizational purposes. Closets Las Vegas applied the same for this Ravenwood model custom kitchen pantry design. In between the cabinets and shelves are vertical panels from the bottom up to the ceiling. The shelving system on the right is wider and made up to three columns including the corner shelf. The cabinet in the middle makes up two columns.

All in all, the custom kitchen pantry has eleven drawers, four of which are made of wood and seven of steel baskets. The four wooden drawers systematically rest below the tabletop. The steel baskets are spread out on the shelves and drawer compartments.

Instead of the standard sized handles, Closets Las Vegas used three-inch holes or handles for easier access.  

Las Vegas custom kitchen pantry functional steel baskets

Lovely steel baskets for easy access and added appeal

The steel baskets that make up 60% of the drawer system add variety to the rather minimalist color palette. Not only are they cute but they are functional. For one thing, it gives immediate access to whatever the owner decides to fill them with. Canned goods are an example. 

Additionally, they can be used also as a serving tray, in case one is hosting a feast or a huge family dinner. And it does not stop at that. Because the steel material offers a distinct look, they serve as decorative items where the owner can put fancy items for an added appeal.  


custom built pantry drawer with large steel handlesLarger drawer handles for convenience

Custom pantry systems are meant to provide convenience with aesthetic value. If it is a challenge for you to take stuff out of the drawer, then it is not a well-designed pantry to begin with. So, rather than use small handles, Closets Las Vegas opted for three-inch large poles to install to the draw fronts and cabinets doors allowing you to easily open them, especially when you have a lot in your hands. 

For contrast, the doors and drawer fronts have white shade to give the pantry a refined look.

Building a Custom Pantry That Wows

It takes a group of seasoned builders to achieve polished and stylish custom pantry shelving systems for your Las Vegas home. It is true that there is a cost associated with it but the convenience and pleasure it brings, you would realize that your hard-earned money did not go to waste.  As mentioned, the pantry is a hidden gem so make it one! 

You will have ideas for custom kitchen pantry designs. Hundreds of styles may inspire to go with a theme but there are others that you think are more fitting for your taste. Choosing the right style for your custom kitchen pantry can be a dilemma, which is why you need expert advice.  

Closets Las Vegas, being an industry expert, can help you with your pantry design. In every project, we make sure that you love the outcome. With your own design as our priority, we will create a unique pantry that will cater to your personal needs and satisfy your artistic desire.  

When you work with us, it’s not a mere business. We make it an experience for you with great anticipations.  

Get in touch with Closets Las Vegas. Our innovative design experience helps us help you have the custom pantry that you need and want.To know more about how we can help you, give us a call today or drop by our showroom.