It Takes Personal Connection and an Excellent Las Vegas Closet Builder

to Produce the Perfect Luxury Closet Design

If you are investing in luxury, you expect it to be beautiful while making your life easier.  

Choosing the wrong closet builder for an important project will have underwhelming results. When you realize that your prized closet lacks valuable features and that the aesthetic quality is far from luxury, you will be forced to decide if you are willing to settle for subpar or if you will just need to pour more money into achieving what you want. While these risks may seem daunting enough to give up your dream luxury closet design, you don’t need to worry about them: you have Closets Las Vegas.

An outstanding walk-in closet builder treats every project as their own, carefully working out all the details with precision and personal touch. They aim to create a stunningly beautiful design from the inside and out, with functionality and efficacy in mind. With the right company, you are confident that you will have all the qualities of a luxury design to delight you and make your life easier.  

Only the right company can achieve functionality and beauty in a luxury closet design.  

Closets Las Vegas is among the few companies that strive to give you access to the talent and options you need in a personal, luxury walk-in closet. A reliable team equipped with experience, skills, and comprehensive design and construction process, your closet is in good hands.


Is It Hard to Build a Luxury Closet Design in Las Vegas? 

The task of building a luxury walk-in closet can be demanding when working with an incompetent, inexperienced company. However, you don’t have to take on the burden of design, incorporating personal touches, or construction. You can relax and feel at ease when working with Closets Las Vegas, knowing everything will be taken care of. Our expertise is a given, but the secret lies in the building process.   

To successfully complete a project, we follow time-tested process, which is straightforward yet precise and fail-proof. The process applies to both builder and non-builder clients.     

Building Closet with a Builder Client – The Process 

Closets Las Vegas makes it a point to follow a set of guidelines when building a luxury closet. Deviations from the plan may happen, but it isn’t a problem because we have the toolset to get done exactly what we need to. Preceded by a meeting, our team ensures that everything is in place before starting the installation.  

Project briefing  

The builder provides our team with an overview of the project so they can have a foundation to work with. Often, our team visits the project site to have a better view of the area in which they need to put a walk-in closet.   


An important part of the process is fact-finding where we find out as many details as possible about who the clients are. Knowing their age, work, lifestyle, etc., will help him conceptualize the walk-in closet. The house’s color scheme is also a very important detail for choosing the color, finish, and types of materials to use. Getting more information helps Closets Las Vegas create the best luxury closet design especially if it is a model home 

Brainstorming and design presentation 

When our team has gathered enough information on the residents and the space, he begins brainstorming the closet ideas and schemes with the builder. Then, he comes up with at least five designs to give the client more options.  The builder then approves the design and the building starts. 

One of the things that make working with a builder client different is the pre-existing walls. In this case, the space has been pre-built, and our team will have to base the closet’s design on this as we do not tear down walls unless the situation calls for it.  

We’re currently writing more about our closet philosophy! More will be coming soon!